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Holland. Migrants, climate, pork and economics, its 4 challenges of school – Ouest-France

Francois Hollande said on Wednesday in the preamble of the Council re-entry ministers that the government had “four challenges” , the “farm crisis” , “economic issue” , immigration and climate with COP21 in late December, said the spokesman of the government Stéphane Le Foll.

The government, said the head of state, whose remarks were reported by Stéphane Le Foll, must “move forward and at the same time give guarantees to French in terms of freedom, safety, efficiency of state action and solidarity “. It should “course be fully mobilized” , insisted Francois Hollande.

“Stability and consistency ” economics

Speaking of the economy, the head of state emphasized “stability and consistency in the choice” , especially on the stability pact while slingers PS call to the redeployment of part of the relief burden on businesses to households.

According to the government spokesman, Francois Hollande said it was “entered a phase of redistribution of earnings growth and the efforts of the French” . “The back is marked by lower taxes for 9 million homes” , argued Stéphane Le Foll.

“Strength and solidarity” towards migrants

On immigration, continued Francois Hollande, France’s course of “is based on two principles, firmness and solidarity ‘. This issue, he said, will be in the agenda of a meeting Monday in Berlin with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose other theme will be Ukraine.

quotas of migrants from France?

The massive influx of migrants in Europe and particularly in France has been the subject of numerous discussions, sometimes stormy, between governments of the European Union. Some of them, such as Italy and Greece, are overwhelmed by the arrival of thousands of refugees, while those who are more moderate, refuse to decide on a quota policy. A discontinued decision for lack of consensus.

Meanwhile in France, the situation in Calais, where many migrants pass to try to reach the United Kingdom, by land or sea, is deteriorating. As in Paris, where hundreds of foreigners are dislodged from makeshift camps.

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Climate: A “key issue”

As for the World Conference in Paris on Climate Change ( COP21), there is a “key issue” , said Francois Hollande.

The COP21, climate and political issues

This global climate conference to be held in Paris from 30 November to 12 December, should lead to an agreement to keep global warming below 2 °. But the controversies are beginning to point the tip of their nose while François Hollande had pledged in November 2014 to stop subsidizing coal plants in July and a few months of the Cop 21, a government memorandum came back here -Dessus.

“The more I go, the more I look at the obstacles” , recently said the president about the climate conference, admitting that the prospect of an agreement was, he said, far from certain.

The agricultural crisis makes sparks

The president also planned to focus on the crisis breeders , which reached a new stage in recent days, with the cancellation of several quotations on the reference market, one of the Breton pork in Plérin.

The state expected to turn by breeders

The pork crisis is mostly followed in Paris by the Agriculture Minister and government spokesman Stephane Le Foll, which is regularly intervened in recent days about it.

On Monday, the Minister held an emergency meeting with stakeholders in the sector, while the two largest pork market buyers to dial Plérin, the Cooperl and Bigard, refuse to participate in quotes because of the new fixed: 1.40 euros per kilo. Three of them had to be canceled, and the last, held Tuesday in their absence – despite the regulation that required them to attend – ended with 16,000 unsold animals

Farmers. heated by this provocation, carried out various activities in the West and will march in Paris next September 3 and 7. According to Brussels on their unions, they are still waiting for the government down their loads and opens discussions with the EU to better fix prices.

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The numbers of endangered industry.


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