Saturday, August 22, 2015

EELV: ecology returns to the front of the stage – Le Figaro

After clashes around regional alliances, environmentalists have multiplied the plenary devoted to ecology at the end of their summer days in Lille.

From our special correspondent in Villeneuve d’Ascq, Julien Chabrout

The alliances between EELV and the Left Front for regional had set fire to the powder among environmentalists. After criticism from several officials EELV against the strategy of the party in some areas, environmentalists Summer Days (JDE) have regained some calm Friday night and Saturday in Lille. Three months after the Paris World Conference on Climate Change (COP21 from 30 November to 11 December), the organizers have chosen to focus on the end of JDE plenary devoted to ecology.

Friday night, the Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius spoke at a discussion on the content of the agreement on the COP21 could be found in December. Welcoming upon arrival in Lille “to work very well with environmentalists who have a very important role” to play in the preparation of the COP21, the head of French diplomacy said he wanted to “reach a global agreement, binding, ambitious and sustainable “while recalling that it must be approved by all states. “It is clear that France should lead by example,” he said to the applause of environmental activists.

Shortly after the intervention of Laurent Fabius, the National Secretary of EELV Emmanuelle Cosse for his part warned the government: it “refuses to make a politician reading agreement on the climate in December. All those who will use it will be wrong, “she warned, while François Hollande hopes with success at COP21, brown the ecologists in government.

“The success of the COP21 can only be done with a leader in Europe,” stressed the list head EELV regional Ile-de-la-France. Another point addressed by Emmanuelle Cosse: the output of fossil fuels demanded by environmentalists. “We need to increase renewable energy and reduce fossil fuels in parallel,” she has said before calling to fight against climate change and “do not be a spectator of the disaster of humanity.”

Two former ministers took EELV relay on Saturday. Former Minister Delegate for Development, Pascal Canfin said he was “hostile to the commodification of ecology” at a plenary entitled “Give a prize to nature: true or false solution?”. “Acceptable cases are extremely limited,” said he said. Later in the afternoon, the former minister will intervene again in a plenary dedicated to COP21. Pascal Canfin then discuss with his former government colleague Cécile Duflot, under the eyes of the mayor of Lille Martine Aubry, who will be present in the room. Fleeing the media, the former Housing Minister Cécile Duflot has shown discreet since the early summer days. Standing away from the agitated debate on alliances between EELV and the Left Front for regional ecologist MP for Paris prepares for his part in small groups another deadline: the Presidential



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