Friday, August 21, 2015

Mélenchon calls noisily in electoral debates environmentalists – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – Jean-Luc Mélenchon invited himself noisily Friday in the debates which agitate environmentalists on alliances for regional co-founder of the Left Party calling them “sectarian” and even asking ” his friends of being in any list “with them.

” The Greens have chosen to make autonomous lists but in six regions out of 13, they unite us. They say one thing and do another In addition, they want to have all the top of the list and count the score for EELV: it’s sectarian … “blurted Mr. Mélenchon in an interview published in Sud Ouest in the second day of the Summer University of Europe Ecology-Greens.

And going up to ask “to (s) are not to be friends in any list rather than suffer this annexation.”

“Jean-Luc says with his words, but it is true that we must reconsider everything, leave in a respectful climate,” Olivier Dartigolles abounds, spokesman of the PCF, as invited each year to summer schools ecologists near Lille.

“It is obvious that when one offers the rally, we must remind EELV he is not obliged to restore what he has criticized the PS: the gathering must not be a rallying “slips he

.” These are parties to agreements on the bottom, “retorted Sandrine Rousseau, EELV list for it! Nord-Pas-de-Calais / Picardy, for whom “it is not at all in the + who eats whom +”.

It is these alliances with the Left Front that tear cadres left. Thursday night in, Senator Jean-Vincent Place even threatened to split if environmentalists of Nord-Pas-de-Calais / Picardy -which must vote in September- ally with the Left Party.

– a lamentable sectarianism push ‘-

“The split that could occur after the regional will happen for sure after September 12 if the party continues in this northern strategy -No-de-Calais, puts it on hold. This vote will necessarily have a national impact and each will assume its responsibilities. “

” I’m not in the threat, my fight is the Ecology (…) now I do not feel comfortable in this situation, “he has qualified Friday on France Info. Mr. Placed would arrive Friday afternoon to summer schools.

For the MP François de Rugy, who shares his position, “the region Nord-Pas-de-Calais / Picardy is one of the regions to extremely strong national issue. “

” We built a logic that leads to call for a vote for the right in the second round, “he says, holding that the division of the left can be placed in third, far behind, and force the second round, to be called to vote for the right to bar the way to the FN.

“In the region, 45% of Francois Hollande voters are not go vote for cantonal. The first regional round will be our ability to get these voters, “argues Sandrine Rousseau, who’s current situation” in a strategy to win the region. “

“It is not I who make the decision, it is not Jean-Vincent Place either, it is the militants”, she adds, recalling that the previous day, the Health Minister Marisol Touraine invited the days of environmentalists and which called for a meeting with the PS in the first round was booed by the audience.

“A lamentable sectarianism thrust,” said François de Rugy. “I appeal to voters, who put a ballot in the box” and not the 8,000 environmental activists, he added.

In the morning of Friday is the Julian Assange Wikileaks founder who had been cheered by a packed room while he spoke by video from the Ecuadorian embassy in London where he lives recluse. The Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius was he expected at the end of the afternoon for the COP plenary on 21.

As for Cécile Duflot, introduces summer days but fleeing the media, it must speak Saturday at a Plenary, also on the COP 21.


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