Monday, August 17, 2015

Canteens: Jégo wants to mandate a vegetarian menu – Yonne Republican

The MP Yves Jégo UDI wants to file in September a bill to mandate the presence of a vegetarian menu in school canteens, he said Friday on BFM TV.

“I’m going to file a bill (…) must be made compulsory in school canteens as an alternative to meals served a vegetarian meal without meat, fish,” he told the mayor of Montereau -Fault-Yonne (Seine-et-Marne).

This will allow children “who for medical reasons, for ethical reasons, for religious reasons do not want to eat meat because this because it (…) not to stigmatize them, “he said. It will introduce the proposed law “to the opening of Parliament.”

“It’s simple, and this ensures protein intake,” said he still argued.

On Thursday, the Administrative Court rejected the Dijon interim relief – but on the question of urgency – challenging the decision of Chalon-sur-Saône mayor to remove pork alternative menus in canteens his city.

The creation of a vegetarian menu, “the most secular of all,” was proposed in an article in Le Monde, signed by intellectuals, including the Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard and writer.

In Perpignan, the town hall (Republicans, former UMP) decided in June not to serve pork alternative menu and offer a vegetarian menu.

The mayor of Toulouse (LR) also said in July it would propose in September a meatless menu. The president of the Modem, Francois Bayrou, had said in March that it was working on the idea of ​​a vegetarian menu in his hometown of Pau.

This debate comes up regularly. In 2008, the town hall of Lyon had created a meatless menu in canteens.


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