Friday, August 21, 2015

Shots in a Thalys: the political world reacts – The Point

After a man opened fire on a train Thalys Amsterdam-Paris, wounding three people, two seriously, the political world responds this Friday night.

Eric Ciotti MP and Deputy Secretary General of the Republicans: “This new terrorist attack confirms if need be that France is one of the most exposed targets in the world it must alert the government (…) on the need. act with great force against terrorism and in particular against the jihadists identified in the country. Also, I repeat my request for the creation of detention centers for those who represent a threat. The individuals who threaten our republic must be out of harm’s way. It is clear that today our country does not fight with suitable weapons against terrorist barbarism, “he said in a statement.

Florian Philippot , the FN vice president: “Thought for the victims of the shooting of #Thalys, carnage avoided by luck. Blindness and lack of boundaries become criminals “(Twitter)

Alain Vidal , Secretary of State for Transport:” All my solidarity to the injured and the passengers #Thalys. Immense gratitude to those who helped control the aggressor “(Twitter)

Jean-Christophe Cambadélis , first secretary of the PS:” Congratulations to the passengers for their courageous #Thalys response. This is rare and beneficial “(Twitter)

Roger Karoutchi , former UMP minister,” Belgian Prime Minister speaks, he, an attack terror Thalys..bonne in the mastery of French to suggest that the French authorities “(Twitter)

Sébastien Huyghe , spokesperson of the Republicans:” The Republicans warmly thank passengers , listening only to their courage, succeeded risking their lives to mastering the terrorist, preventing a much heavier balance sheet or carnage. (They) ask the President and the Prime Minister to finally hear the proposals of the opposition to fight against terrorism. “(Press release)

Nicolas Bay General Secretary of the National Front: “Who can believe that thisgouvernementFR of bisounours is able to ensure the security of French? Let’s get out quickly from #Schengen! #Thalys “(Twitter)

Xavier Bertrand , former Minister, Deputy Mayor Republicans of Saint-Quentin (Aisne):” I salute the courage of those who intervened in #Thalys, saving passengers a heinous attack. #Arras “(Twitter)

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan , President of France Arise:” More than ever time to reinstate national border controls. How many attacks it must endure to see the government act “(Twitter)

Christian Estrosi , Mayor of Nice Republicans:” Horrible act in Thalys Amsterdam-Paris. My thoughts and support to victims and families. Beautiful act of courage for disarmament “(Twitter)

Nadine Morano , former UMP minister.” Another person stuck intelligence services with any real follow? The interior minister must answer! #Arras “(Twitter)

Philippe Meunier , MP Republicans:” #Thalys: Holland # # # Valls Cazeneuve refuse to designate the enemy. They are therefore unable to fight “(Twitter)


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