Thursday, August 20, 2015

Chausey (Channel): bare Couple found dead at the foot of a strong – MetroNews

One last coitus and squeak. This is what could have happened to a couple of thirties found dead Thursday, their naked bodies, to the fortified Vauban on the archipelago of Chausey (Manche). “The two bodies were naked, their business up. We can not exclude antics that would have gone wrong,” has said the captain Yann Le Guen, head of the Granville station.

a fall of ten meters?

This indeed favors accidental hypothesis. The couple would be dropped from the ramparts of the fort that are ten meters high. The young man “was discovered in the moat of Fort without water in the morning by a resident of the island,” says Ouest-France . The woman, meanwhile, was found later, immersed in water-filled moat.

The two young people were born in 1983, police said. “The man lived in Granville and was seasonal in Chausey, said the regional daily. The young woman was from the Channel.” The police did not know if the couple had children

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