Saturday, August 22, 2015

Attack Thalys: “Without them, we’d all be dead” – The World

These are three young Americans, childhood friends, on vacation in Europe and the United States will return to “hero” . Aleksander Skarlatos, Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler, who were greeted by their President Barack Obama for preventing a Friday slaughter in the Paris-Amsterdam Thalys will also be received by Monday Francois Hollande at the Elysee. Backed by a British sixties, Chris Norman and a French 28 years, they have disarmed and controlled a heavily armed suspect who had started to fire in the car.

Touché also in the fray by cutter strokes, Spencer Stone was released Saturday afternoon the clinic Lille-Sud, Lesquin, left arm in a sling. His two friends, Alek Skarlatos and Anthony Sadler, were able to narrate the events on Friday evening in a brewery of Arras. All three were heard Saturday by the police. The three young Americans know from their childhood spent in California. The “First Class” Stone, 23, of the Air Force, based in the Azores and the Skarlatos soldier, 22, of the National Guard in Oregon, are military Sadler, 23, a student

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” Alek told Spencer ‘Go on, take care of him’ “

All three were in the circulating 9364 Thalys between Amsterdam and Paris for a new stage of their European vacation. There seems to be Stone, fellow 1m 90 and martial artist, who took the most risk. “It was the first to jump on the type, it is he who has been nicked” , told Reuters Sadler. “It is our friend, so when we saw it rise, we should follow and help [...] It was a crazy situation” , continued the student, enrolled at Sacramento State University.

Spencer Stone as he left the hospital on August 22 in Lesquin.

Sadler adds that everything happened very quickly after a first shot, the one that wounded the French passenger, while Kalashnikov AK -47 shooter seemed halted. “I saw that everyone bowed his head, and when I turned around, the shooter had just walked in the car with his AK. “ Late Friday evening, Briton Chris Norman, 62, explained to the press: ” Alek told Spencer ‘Go on, take care of him.’ Spencer rushed and was wrestled to the ground. They began to control the terrorist. “” Without Spencer, we’d all be dead “, has he said Saturday. The three Americans beat Ayoub El-khazzani him until he lost consciousness. Helped the British passenger, they tied him up and then provided assistance to French passenger.

“He returned from Afghanistan and must battle on holiday in France …”

Barack Obama, who had greeted on Friday evening their “heroic act” , called them on the phone Saturday evening to tell them “how all Americans were proud of their extraordinary courage “, reported the White House. “These men are heroes” , said General Philip Breedlove, supreme commander of NATO forces in Europe. Francois Hollande, who met Saturday morning on the phone with them, receive them Monday morning at the Elysee to their “witness the gratitude of France” , announced the French presidency. SNCF will in turn help their families to come to France if they wish.

Reached by telephone at his home in San Jose, California, Tim Eskel, the uncle of the “First Class “ Stone said how his family was proud of him. “Spencer is a very courageous, he has a huge heart” , he added. Emanuel Skarlatos, Alek’s father, was glad that things have turned out well. His son was returning from a tour in Afghanistan. “A guy returns from Afghanistan and must battle on holiday in a train in France …” , he said, prohibited. As for Anthony Sadler Sr., father of the third of the band, he says still have difficulty realizing what happened on Friday on board the Thalys. “But we are proud of him and we are very grateful to God that he was neither affected nor killed” , says the pastor of 57 years officiating at Shiloh Baptist Church in Sacramento

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Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos and Chris Norman, in a restaurant in Arras, August 21, 2015.

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