Saturday, August 22, 2015

Shots in the Thalys. Obama salutes the heroes who avoided the carnage – Ouest-France

M. Obama expressed his “deep appreciation for the courage and responsiveness of several passengers, including members of the US military who have selflessly mastered the assailant” .

No prognosis

He paid tribute to the “heroic actions” that probably prevented a “tragedy far worse” , adding that the US would remain “close contact” with the French authorities during the investigation that has just begun. US President extended a “prompt and full recovery” to all the victims of the shooting. The commander William Urban, spokesman for the Pentagon, said “that a military member was injured during the incident” . According to him, his prognosis is not engaged, but he was not able to give any other details. A gunman opened fire Friday in a Thalys train between Paris and Amsterdam, wounding two before being overpowered by American passengers. The train was immobilized in Arras station (northern France), where the shooter was arrested.

In civil

According to the American news channel CNN, the Two Marines were in civilian clothes and have mastered the man while he was loading a Kalashnikov assault rifle, after shooting one of the soldiers with an automatic pistol. A French police source said the suspect, if his identity was confirmed, was the subject of an information services card. According to the very first elements of the investigation, it would be Moroccan or Moroccan origin and 26 years old.

Earlier, Francois Hollande, Manuel Valls, and Bernard Cazneuve also highlighted the bravery and courage of the two soldiers.


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