Thursday, August 20, 2015

Calais: Hundreds of migrants manifested on Port Bypass – The Point

Hundreds of migrants demonstrated Thursday at the start of the camp “new jungle” near Calais before reaching the port bypass, where some tried to climb into trucks under the eye of the CRS, found a photographer AFP. Parties to 14 hours of “new jungle”, the hundreds of migrants have joined the access ring road at the port for ferries to England, many of them see as a paradise.

They held placards that read “This is not a solution, freedom of movement”, “British Government, shame on you,” or “Against the ghetto and apartheid,” found an AFP photographer.

Some migrants trying to board trucks

Illegal were reacting to the announcement earlier by the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve and his British counterpart Theresa May, came Thursday in Calais, a migration agreement between the two countries, providing for a humanitarian component but also a further tightening of conditions for access to Eurotunnel site.

Some migrants who did not show, tried to board heavyweight passage by opening their doors to the rear. CRS present there tried to get them back, but many migrants have managed to stay in trucks that went away to the port of Calais, found the AFP photographer.


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