Wednesday, August 19, 2015

France – Politics Holland on the starting Rebsamen “I respect his decision” – Public Good

“I respect his decision. It follows the tragic death of the mayor of Dijon, who succeeded him on his entry into the government. He left the government in the coming days after preparing the return and records for his successor, “declares François Hollande about the resignation of François Rebsamen.

Discount yesterday she is black cohosh but not effective. The Minister of Labour will be replaced at the end of the month at the latest. He will spend that time in writing notes for his successor, who must, he said, “have the direct line” with the President and Prime Minister. He will meet several union leaders. In an interview with AFP, about rising unemployment, François Rebsamen said “do not avoid its responsibility.” But he said the Minister of Labour is chain-end, “he can not, by itself, curb rising unemployment. By cons, it can launch a number of devices for preparing its absorption when the economy recovers. This is what we did “

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