Saturday, August 22, 2015

Shots Thalys: SNCF will set up a “national reporting number of abnormal situations” – Le Point

Manuel Valls said on Saturday that SNCF would set up, after the shooting in a Thalys, “a national issue of reporting of abnormal situations” in stations and trains.

The SNCF will also “strengthen the number and visibility of vigilance posts in stations “said in a statement the prime minister, who spoke in the day with President of the SNCF, Guillaume Pepy.

” All the railway group agents are fully mobilized to ensure security of all travelers. The transport safety also depends on the vigilance of the citizens, “said Mr Valls in this press release jointly signed by the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve and the Secretary of State for Transport, Alain Vidal . They discussed all three Saturday “with the main operators of public transport on due diligence measures in force.”

The SNCF “will also set up a national number for reporting abnormal situations which meet the staff specially trained to assess the nature of the threat and trigger the necessary actions. “

The SNCF president Guillaume Pepy has, however, ruled out a routine baggage control system, due to the number too important to travelers in train stations, 20 times at airports: “I believe that the question of extending the system from airports to train stations, today we can not say it’s realistic,” Has -he told AFP.

Check only a few high-speed lines, or international, are not considered. “Either you’re like Eurostar, in a completely closed area. If you are in an open area, the bad guys will go elsewhere. You are either comprehensive or efficiency is low,” said Guillaume Pepy.

It finds that “the strongest answer is that Bernard Cazeneuve and government repeated all day long, it is the tireless, intelligent action, commitment, intelligence and police. “

” The second answer is vigilance, (…) everyone is vigilant. This vigilance is also that one that helped yesterday the terror is stopped, “he said.

The government reaffirmed” the full mobilization of government departments to ensure the safety of everyone in all parts of the country, especially in transport in common, “including raising the maximum level Vigipirate in Ile-de-France since 7 January and the murderous attack against Charlie Hebdo.

” A total of 30,000 police and gendarmes soldiers assigned to protect sensitive than 5,000 locations across the country, including train stations and airports, “the government

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