Sunday, August 23, 2015

Shots in the Thalys: “It was typed until it crumble” –

“Everything happened very quickly” , said Anthony Sadler, a student, who was traveling with his friends Alex Skarlatos, 22, and Spencer Stone, both US military, he had found for holidays in Europe.

“We heard a shot and broken glass,” tells Alex Skarlatos, a member of the National Guard of the state of Oregon, returned there bit of a mission in Afghanistan. “I saw a man enter the wagon with a Kalashnikov. “ Chris Norman, a British consultant aged 62, who was traveling in the same wagon, said they had ” saw a guy with an AK47 (Kalashnikov). Alex told Spencer, will nab him. The guy pulled out a knife and slashed Spencer at the back of the neck, he almost cut his thumb too, Spencer held it and was finally overpowered, he was unconscious, we ended the attach “.


” Spencer ran well 10 meters to type. We started banging him on the head until he collapses “, told his side Mr. Skarlatos. On images captured with the help of a mobile phone inside the train and broadcast by several television channels, one can see the suspect, a thin young man, wearing white pants and topless, wrestled to the ground on belly, hands tied behind their backs. A Kalashnikov is placed against a seat and blood is visible on a window of the car.


The suspect, who according to the first elements of the investigation is Moroccan or Moroccan origin and would be aged 26, said nothing and “seemed in a daze” , according to Anthony Sadler. He said he could talk on the phone at Spencer Stone, who was hospitalized, and “is well” . “He does not believe that all this happened” said Mr. Sadler, saying “very proud of (his) friend” . “I’m just a student, I came to see my friends for my first trip to Europe and a terrorist was stopped, it is rather crazy” .


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