Saturday, August 22, 2015

Death of Emmanuel Ratier, librarian of the extreme right – Liberation

Figure familiar to the far right, the journalist Emmanuel Ratier died Wednesday at age 57 of a heart attack. Unknown to the general public, this former newspaper Minute had also collaborated on Current Values ​​ and Figaro Magazine . He was also the librarian of his political family, since 1996 his own publishing confidential letter Facts and Documents . This bimonthly publication had become a small institution on the far right, used even by specialists outside the movement. Thursday, many figures from his camp saluted the memory of the essayist – including Jean-Marie Le Pen, on trial by the executive committee of the National Front:

Facts and Documents includes portraits, “prying” policy or a watch on the activities of the “lobbies” . This last section gives particular attention to Jewish and Masonic organizations. If Facts and Documents is characterized by a factual tone and a remarkable level of information, it betrayed the beliefs of its author. “Emmanuel Ratier was probably a fairly substantial anti-Zionist, but his speech was devoid of obvious hate dimension in other authors, the specialist judge of the extreme right Jean-Yves Camus. He was convinced that the essence of politics consisted of influential lobbies and games, but without self-designate a central agent of the plot. As for the method, it was a fairly cautious man with a real professional capacity journalist, despite minor errors “.

Reconciliation Alain Soral

In recent years, Emmanuel Ratier had approached the anti-Semitic polemicist Alain Soral, including participating in powering the site of his organization Equality and Reconciliation. Presenter on Radio Courtesy, the antenna “of free speech and the real country” , Ratier also ran the bookstore Facta, in the ninth arrondissement of Paris. A sort of ideal library of the extreme right, to the most sulfurous works – including the writings of Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson – or the most obscure. Emmanuel Ratier was himself the author of a voluminous French political Encyclopedia and more recently a book on Dark of Manuel Valls , which has had some impact within his political family. He claimed to be particularly the role of the Prime Minister’s wife in a sudden “conversion” would have known it for Israel.

The deceased then maintained a rich personal documentation of numerous personalities, associated or not with the far right. Files sometimes made available to his political friends or journalists, representatives of that same “System Press” hated. Emmanuel Ratier was generally considered inherit Henry Coston, another extreme right nomenclator died in 2001, he openly complotiste and antisemitic.


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