Saturday, August 15, 2015

Greek coast guard would have sunk a boat of migrants – Le Point

The scene is set off the Turkish coast and the Dodecanese. Since their boat, Turkish fishermen filming an inflatable dinghy filled with Syrian migrants on board. In the distance, a star of Greek coast guard walks towards the makeshift boat. Turkish fishermen continue filming. You can hear one of them accuse the Greek ship to have piqued the sausage canoeing refugees with a pole. A voluntary act by the Turkish media, to drown the passengers heading to the island of Kos, Greece.

The fifty migrants initially refused to turn back despite summons Greek ship. This is what would have pushed the Coast Guard deliberately sinking the boat. But on the images provided by the DHA agency, we do not see the harpoon launched by the Greek ship. We can only see the star leave the area without help shipwrecked. A chance for Refugees that both Turkish fishermen have come to rescue them. No casualties were reported.

Since January, about 124,000 people joined Greece via Turkey, according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.


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