Saturday, August 15, 2015

When Christian Estrosi compares to Sylvester Stallone – Stars News

[NICE, French Riviera] In the latest issue of the magazine Closer , Christian Estrosi, Mayor of Nice MP, did not hide his joy at having recently met Sylvester Stallone whose paintings were exhibited there in this beautiful little town along the Bay of Angels.

“I discovered an artist, with great emotion,” Has he declared before dare a comparison that did not fail to react on social networks : a similar path between the two men

 © Metropolitan FilmExport

© Metropolitan FilmExport

“Sly (editor’s note: this is the name given to small Stallone) is the son of Calabrian as I am the son of Perugia, we have modest origins, have been propelled into a world that was not ours, “he explained first before adding that these points” common “explained perhaps this fighting spirit that animates them both.

Do Look no physical resemblance, because there really is not. Whatever …


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