Sunday, August 23, 2015

Shooting in the Thalys provides that Guillaume Pepy SNCF – The Point

Guillaume Pepy is on the alert. After the shootout Friday in a Thalys train from Amsterdam to Paris, “a barbaric attack that knows no precedent,” according to the president of SNCF quoted by the Journal du Dimanche , the company announced several measures.

“There is the Vigipirate that includes a public transportation component, now reinforced with this special edition, the 3117″ operational from “September 1,” said the JDD Guillaume Pepy, saying it “allows anyone to report anything unusual or even disturbing, at the station or on a train.” The SNCF president added that the information “can be given to trained and qualified persons to identify if it is something Benin or if this can trigger an intervention.” These “people trained and qualified” will almost forty other than “specialized in railway security”. If he evokes an “express diagnostic alert” Guillaume Pepy stresses the “importance” of the device

Another new safety measure of SNCF. Strengthening “decisive” in the rating stations and trains on vigilance, “not enough presents” for now, according to Guillaume Pepy. “Before evidence of heroism, the three men identified Thalys direct threat. It is primarily their vigilance which helped to save lives, “says the company’s boss at the newspaper.

” A track on which it takes “

As for questioning security measures, although lower than in particular airports, Guillaume Pepy reminds the JDD that “the train in France, it is 20 times more traffic than the air “. And the President of the SNCF to say that the establishment of “board screening measures at airports” in stations “is not a track to be reckoned with.” Guillaume Pepy, however, a judge baggage “random” part “of the actions under consideration.” Finally, the President of the SNCF said that strengthening railway security patrols on trains “matter for operational priorities, which are confidential.”


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