Sunday, August 16, 2015

Abduction alert, a device made in USA – FranceTV info


The abduction alert once again well this Sunday, August 16th. It has allowed to recover the small Rifki, 4 years. This is the 16th time since its creation in 2006 it is engaged. This search method comes from the United States.

This is the system “Amber Alert”, designed in 1996, the United States and Canada that was the model for our abduction alert system. In 2004, Nicole Guedj, Secretary of State for Victims’ Rights, launches this file which will be formally established two years later. First tested in France in 2005, is July 9, 2006 it was officially raised for the removal of Emeline and Melissa.

It is the prosecutor who takes the decision to launch the plan respecting five criteria: proven abduction life of the victim in danger, accurate information about the suspect, victim and minor parental consent. Triggered 16 times since its inception, the scheme has boosted every time to find missing children.

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