Sunday, August 16, 2015

The reorganization of Bison Smart strongly criticized – TF1

Traffic monitoring , which informs the French State of the Traffic , is it in danger? The National Traffic Information Centre (CNIR) of Rosny-sous-Bois in Seine Saint-Denis, and its seven regional centers (CRICRs) must close by summer 2016, as part of a reorganization plan Bison smart. The stated objective by the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development (to which the Secretariat of State for Transport) is to modernize road information, which “knows important developments with the introduction of new technologies” and including developing an interface to automatically provide feedback to motorway companies and branch roads at interdepartmental level.

This reorganization has been heavily criticized, not just not the unions. “The goal of the Ministry is that all communities, at least for operators who manage major road networks, make this interconnection except that many have not committed a reflection on the subject, do not necessarily have the skills and in addition do not have services that work 24h / 24 365 days a year, what did the CRICRs “said Olivier Périchon, the national federation CGT-equipment environment. “There are 20,000 km of secondary roads that tomorrow may not be filled in. We no longer have the Corporate Website Traffic monitoring. It is a degradation of service. They break a tool that works without having established another thing, “he says.

Critics shared by the mayor of Rosny-sous-Bois, Claude Capillon. “This is another very unfortunate dismantling of public service. The work teams based in Rosny was a real working ant, round the clock, in permanent contact with all brigades spread over the Hexagon, which allowed a rise very valuable information, and I’m sure that eventually all motorists will regret the little Indian that everyone knew, “he says. Some 200 policemen, gendarmes and Ecology Ministry agents should be reassigned. For the Department of Ecology, “This reorganization is planned for summer 2016, social dialogue is initiated and takes place in a constructive atmosphere of listening and dialogue. The next meeting is scheduled in September.” Bison smart data including its flagship product, the annual calendar, with its black days, red, orange or green, are made available free to all.


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