Monday, August 17, 2015

The alleged abductor of the little Rifki still in custody – FranceTV info


The alleged abductor of the little Rifki, a boy kidnapped August 15 and found the day after his disappearance saw his prolonged detention of 24 hours. The 25 year old man whose first name is Ahmed was referred to Rennes after being arrested in the Gironde. The journalist Antoine Védeilhé an update for France 3. “We just have to talk to the lawyer Ahmed This Comorian 25 years. She told us the story of a man child difficult, tossed homes in shelters “, says reporter.

The young man is psychologically frail, subject to numerous seizures of drugs and consumer products. During his detention, he would not say his motives. “It remains unclear, we still do not know why he removed the small Rifki. What’s certain, however, is that it has been involved in a case of sexual assault on a minor, c ‘ was the month of June. He must be tried for these facts to the Correctional Court in Rennes in the month of January. Tomorrow after his detention, Ahmed will be presented to a magistrate for the Opening a criminal investigation “, says the journalist of France 3.

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