Monday, August 17, 2015

Removal of small Rifki: the film event – Express

The disappearance of small Rifki

Saturday afternoon, in Rennes, the mother of the small child Rifki loses his sight. They were on the Town Hall Square, accompanied by the uncle of the boy, the person hosting them and a certain Ahmed. This is the man of 25 years following Rifki for “buy drinks”. An almost unknown as the Comorian family knows only a few days. After trying unsuccessfully for several hours to find them for themselves, relatives of Rifki reported his disappearance to the police station of Rennes, in the Saturday evening.

The trigger for the abduction alert

After the usual checks, the alert is removed launched Sunday morning 7 am, to find the boy. This is the 16th according to a statement from the Ministry of the Interior, since the adoption in France in 2006 of the device, until 100% effective. The information was crucial, again because they allowed a passing of a Paris-Bordeaux train Rifki recognize and give warning during the trip, a few hours later.

Reporting and Response:

The young Rifki and the suspect are “on the TGV Paris-Montparnasse 8411 -Bordeaux “early Sunday afternoon. “A lady sitting in front of them recognized them and was able to raise the alarm at the station of Saint-Pierre-des-Corps (near Tours, ed),” he told the prosecutor Rennes Thierry Pocquet Top of Jusse. SNCF and gendarmerie Libourne, in Gironde, take over and the boy was found, “apparently healthy”.

“We have been led to intervene: when the TGV in Libourne arrived, the doors were locked so no one can get out of the train,” he told a spokesman of the SNCF. “The individual was arrested by car 18 to 2:26 p.m., the child was with him.” “When the gendarmes, including Libourne, have been notified and have occurred in a crowded TGV there was no certainty. It was a delicate operation in an environment where there were many people,” he told the mayor PS Libourne, Philippe Buisson.

The alleged abductor in custody

The suspect, “black, about 25 years old, 1.70 meters , slim build, with hair peak “, according to the statement of abduction alert, was taken into custody. It was to be heard in the evening of Sunday, Bordeaux, Rennes then brought to Monday morning. “The judicial phase committed (…) We are on a qualifying minor criminal abduction 15 years,” said the prosecutor. The suspect is liable to 30 years imprisonment.


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