Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fire Science City: 110 million went up in smoke – Le Point

The Parisians of the north of the capital woke up Wednesday with a strong burning smell. A major fire caused extensive damage to the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, near the Porte de la Villette. This morning around 6:01 enormous cloud gave off, judging by the photos posted on Twitter.

He started 30 about 2 am in the morning. 120 men and thirty vehicles were mobilized to stem the loss and two firefighters were slightly injured. The fire was confined shortly before 7 am 30. Bernard Cazeneuve has also praised the firefighters on Twitter

In fact, the work of firefighters continued as the fire continues to smolder. “That end within” according to the commander More Gabriel, spokesperson of Paris firefighters. “The fire, even if it is not noticeable from the outside with very little smoke, remains very important in the interior, with several active centers, and always on several levels,” stressed the spokesman firefighters shortly after 8:00.

The offline fire system

“The progress of our teams is difficult, these are large volumes, it is very hot,” a- he said, explaining that the two had had minor injuries “hot shots” and that interventions teams were limited to twenty minutes before being identified. Because of work, “the usual path is not at all the same, to identify, it is difficult,” he has said.

The fire broke out in an area that was under construction. “The fire system was not in operation because of this work,” said the spokesman of the Paris firefighters interviewed on BFM TV.

Work underway since 2012 near completion

The site consists of “four horizontal cubes, with several levels” and fire concerns one of these cubes, or bays, told the spokesman. “These are pallets, cardboard, plasterboard walls, false ceilings, electrical conduits” that burn. The lamp is mounted to the roof. Thousands of square meters have been threatened by the flames and smoke.

The museum, home to three million visitors a year, will not open on Thursday, told AFP Maquart Bruno, President Universe of Science (which includes Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie and Palace of Discovery). “We strive to reopen as soon as possible, especially in the summer peak times. “The party affected by the fire was to host from 15 October 1 shopping center called” Vill up “, in which 110 million euros were invested. Bruno Maquart laments: “This span is 30 years, but it was not used. The work to develop the center began in 2012 … It was the decoration before opening. “


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