Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pork crisis – Sarkozy: “This does not subside” – Le Point

The crisis in agriculture does not “calm down” because it is a “structural crisis”, said Wednesday Republicans party president, Nicolas Sarkozy, on a visit in the Yonne calling “state the highest level” to “take up the case.” The former head of state on Wednesday visited a farm in Saint-Privé. He was notably accompanied by Christian Jacob, president of the RS Parliament, and former agricultural union. “You will see that this is not calm,” said he told reporters when asked about the current crisis affecting the pig farmers. “You have an absolutely massive reduction in charges to enable our farmers to live,” he recommended.

“This is not a cyclical crisis. Is the answer that was made this summer is sufficient, everyone sees that no, “he said. “No structural response is made to the structural crisis of French agriculture,” he added. He called for “rest and rethink the whole system.” “We need that farmers do not have to live off subsidies, but the price, like any business manager [...], as a producer,” said he said.

Sarkozy is back

“The price issue and reports of farmers with the distribution is not new. I had myself to manage these issues in particular in 2009 [...], there was a statement that was made by the Minister of Agriculture, a statement with no effect, how you want it calms things? “He further said. “This is the highest level of the state that we must seize this issue,” he said.

The former head of state made his political comeback Wednesday at the same time as that of the executive.


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