Thursday, January 29, 2015

A man kills his ex-wife and reports to the police the body in … – Liberation

A man kills his ex-wife and reports to the police the body in … – Liberation

A man of 41 years who visited a police station in Rennes, announcing killing his ex-wife that he brought the body in the trunk of his car was set review and jailed Thursday in Rennes.

It is 4:00 p.m. Tuesday when the 41 year old man presents to the police Blosne, a popular district of Rennes. “From the outset, he announces that he has just killed his wife and that the body of the latter is in the trunk of his car,” said Thursday afternoon at a press conference the prosecutor Rennes, Thierry Pocquet of Upper Jusse.

The police discovered the body of the ex-wife locked in a trunk, itself placed in the back of a Twingo which he turned down the rear seats. Resuscitation attempts are unsuccessful.

The man, an Algerian known to justice for acts of threats and violence towards his ex-wife, but against their two children aged 11 and 17, arrived at the police “very quiet, serene,” said Commander Mark Guillemois, deputy chief of the departmental safety.

That a man is as to the police station with the body of his victim, ” these are very rare events, “he said.

The man arrived in Algeria in 2001 and brought his family in 2011. His ex-wife filed for divorce in June 2012, before releasing in January 2013, but they eventually agree to a mutual divorce proceedings in 2014.

The suspect was traveling from regular to his ex-wife, 36 years old to see his children.

On Tuesday, he presented himself at her house around 10:45 am, and the discussion has degenerated. He released “wire rope he had brought with him, and strangled in the hallway of the apartment” at noon, said the prosecutor.

There is about two hours near the body before going to buy a military-like trunk to put the body and goes to the police.

According to his statement, which remain unclear, “he reproached the victim to have a relationship,” said the prosecutor. And it would have transported the victim to the police to prevent children from being confronted with the corpse of their mother when they return from school.

In accordance with the submissions of the prosecutor, man has been indicted Thursday night by an investigating judge and the judge of freedoms and detention was placed in custody. He incurs the life imprisonment.



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