Saturday, January 31, 2015

Clermont: a patient in a psychiatric hospital kills sixties … – TF1

Clermont: a patient in a psychiatric hospital kills sixties … – TF1

A man who, after permission had not returned to the psychiatric center of Clermont ( Oise ) in which he was interned, likely killed a sexagenarian at his home before traveling, do we learned Saturday from sources. The 45 year old man presented himself to himself at the gendarmerie in Clermont Friday around 18:00, said a source close to the investigation, which confirmed a report in the Courrier Picard.

“He introduced himself to report the facts, he led the police on the spot. The first findings are consistent with the information he provided,” he Amelia said Cladière, Attorney Senlis. According to the first elements of the investigation, he did not know the victim, a man in his sixties who lived in the neighborhood of Sands, in Clermont.

The suspect used a knife on site

The two men met for the author’s permission alleged facts, which lasted two hours, between 10.00 am and noon Friday. The victim died at the arrival of police. The alleged killer used a knife had there. The suspect has “not really offer any explanation,” reported Ms. Cladière.

He was interned in interdepartmental hospital (CHI) of Clermont in 2004, said the director of the institution François Leclercq. Homeless or known family, he had a criminal record “distant” and disorders “related to a painful childhood,” he reported, did not specify the nature of these psychiatric disorders.

The healthcare team “stunned”

“The hospital stay was held without major problems and without any recourse justice “for ten years, stressed Mr. Leclercq. “It is a terrible circumstance, especially since it was such that there was no evidence the point to,” he added. The medical team was “stunned.” The patient had received since Monday released two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. Until then, he continued the center twice a week to attend a therapeutic workshop in the countryside, a few kilometers from Clermont.

After checking his physical and mental health, he was taken into custody. It will likely be brought before a judge on Sunday afternoon, after a further verification of the compatibility of its health. The question of discernment at the material will also be examined, audits that will later be ordered by a judge. No details were given about the reasons for his detention in a psychiatric hospital.


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