Saturday, January 30, 2016

Day of protest against the state of emergency – Le Figaro

Dozens of events are planned Saturday in Paris and the provinces. Le Monde , the first to successfully challenge his arrest launches a warning cry and warns against a counterterrorism “dehumanizes”.

mobilization against the state of emergency. Dozens of events are planned Saturday in Paris and the provinces to denounce the nationality of forfeiture of the project and the state of emergency, while a bill extending the will be examined in the coming days in Parliament.

In addition to the Paris show, the Place of the Republic at the Palais Royal, events must take place in the main cities of France, the call collective “We will not yield” and “Stop state of emergency “, which group including trade unions (CGT, FSU, Union of Magistrates), associations (Attac, Housing Rights, Rights front MRAP) and human rights organizations (FIDH).

These organizations demand the immediate lifting of the state of emergency, introduced after the attacks in November 2015, and the abandonment of deprivation of nationality project for persons convicted of terrorist activities, “measures collide and undermine our freedoms in the name of a hypothetical security “, according to a collective. “The state of emergency can be a permanent condition and the conditions for its implementation should not hinder social democracy, the exercise of citizenship and public debate,” consider the collective to which “since 1986, laws granting more powers to the security forces, organizing an exceptional justice and restricting our freedoms under the pretext of fighting against terrorism, pile ‘.

This is the same cry warning that launches Le Monde Abdelmalek Halim. This company co-manager was the first to succeed, there are ten days to withdraw its measure of house arrest since the entry into force of the state of emergency. Wrongly accused of having made the tracking around the home of a journalist Charlie Hebdo , he describes a daily fact of humiliation: “hours of custody” for nothing, look these close, the climate of suspicion surrounding his religious practice and the difficult task of preparing its defense can not leave the house.

This family man “a cry” citizen against “consequences these arbitrary decisions. ” “Such awards may turn us against each other. My attachment to the values ​​of France is even stronger, I do not want to anybody but I’m afraid, “says Halim Abdelmalek,” Everyone does not have the strength to resist. I fear for those thousands of young people [these assignments] have the effect of stigmatizing “

And to insist.” The state must ensure not to get in his own enemy camp to the immigrant Muslim and a scapegoat (…) The fight against terrorism is not all, avoid dehumanize us. “

The new extension of the state of emergency until the end of May, will be debated and voted on in the Senate on February 9 and February 16 in the National Assembly.


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