Saturday, January 30, 2016

Opponents of emergency demonstrate across France – FranceTV info

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Thousands of demonstrators in the streets throughout France. One slogan “ No to emergency rule and the deprivation of nationality in the Constitution “. In Toulouse for the protesters, the state of emergency was to remain exceptional. “ This is dangerous, state of emergency, it should not last. The urgency, it never lasts very long and there I think it’s getting ,” said a man .

The feeling is the same in Strasbourg. The state of emergency declared in the aftermath of the November bombings, and renewed too restricted in their freedoms. “ Is is always the same risk in November? So finally it means that we can declare that the state of emergency is our whole life. Both say right on, the risk of attack is the same as in November no more no less “joked a young man.

In the procession in Paris 5500 demonstrators according to police, 20 000 according to organizers. Politicians, far left and head environmentalists were present. All are committed to reducing the government before the parliamentary debate in the coming weeks. Protesters also headwind against the deprivation of nationality. The danger in their view, divide the French. According to the polls, however, the vast majority of French supported the forfeiture of nationality and four out of five supported the extension of the state of emergency.

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