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The indictment Christiane Taubira against deprivation of nationality – The World

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In & quot; Muttering Youth & quot ;,  the former Minister of Justice is tackling  deprivation of nationality.

This is a text written in the greatest secrecy by Christiane Taubira, printed discreetly Spain sent on opaque pallets and presented to libraries as a “book under X” to reduce the risk of leaks. Entitled Whispers Youth , this test just under 100 pages, on sale Monday, February 1st and pulled 40,000 copies, outlines the reasons why the former Minister of Justice is opposed the inclusion of the nationality of forfeiture in the Constitution. The release date is not by chance, four days before the start of the review of the draft constitutional law to the National Assembly.

The contact with the editor, Philippe Rey, dating back to 10 January. Eight days later, the print order is given. Christiane Taubira wanted to go fast, so book appears on the eve of parliamentary debate on the deprivation of nationality. All in the greatest secrecy. Only Francois Hollande is seen addressing a set of prints, Friday, January 22, five days before being released the resignation of Mrs Taubira. To date, the book is already printed. The back cover is evidence of runaway events of recent days: on the back cover, Mrs Taubira is still presented as “Keeper of the Seals and Minister of Justice”

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A country must be able to coping with its national “

If it is not limited to this, the first third of the book with the theme the terrorist challenge in general, are obviously the pages devoted to forfeiture nationality that will be read with more attention. Twenty pages in total, over which Mrs Taubira exposes his arguments one by one. “The inefficiency” of the measure, first, because of its “no effects on deterrence” . But, more fundamentally, the symbolic issue. “Let us dare to say, a country must be able to cope with its nationals. The world would be if every country expelling its national birth considered undesirable? Should we imagine a land-recycling center where they would be grouped “, asks the former Minister of Justice. The author continues:

“Who speaks and says the symbol of deprivation of nationality for French born? Since he does not talk to terrorists [ ...] , which becomes, by default, the message recipient? Those who share, for total impact with the covered criminals to be binational, nothing else. [...] This is to all these that addresses, even -this inadvertently, this proclamation is a binational being suspended. And a threat: that obsessed the difference, manic exclusion, the obsessed of the expulsion will be weighed, and are already by their statements and paranoid conspiracy on those they perceive as the fifth column. “

Submission implacable against deprivation of nationality, precious vademecum for all those who, on the eve of parliamentary debate, will want to brandish arguments against the proposed constitutional revision, the text of Christiane Taubira is a strong political act, without doubt unpublished, written by a minister in office which is hard to imagine, in his reading, she could imagine for a moment remain in the government after it published.

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Not a diatribe against Holland and Valls

However, it should not make the text say what it does not say, and those who could expect a vehement diatribe against Francois Hollande and Manuel Valls will be for their expenses. Because on that front, Christiane Taubira remains cautious. If outcrop here and there, his vis-à-vis the security Malay philosophy of government and its nostalgia for a left oblivious to its social ambitions, the author is careful, especially in the afterword to pay tribute the President of the Republic, which it welcomes so supported the attitude that was his in the minutes and hours that followed the attacks of November 13, 2015.

In this, stands out quite Christiane Taubira clearly some of his predecessors who, like Cécile Duflot or Arnaud Montebourg, had not hesitated after leaving the government, to oppose frontally to the Head of State. On the contrary, taking care to spare Mr Hollande, Mrs Taubira seems to give the lie to all those who already imagine embarking on a primary left for the presidential election of 2017

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