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A month later, Night is always standing in the square – The World

Hundreds of protesters involved in  discussions at an & quot; AG & quot; (general  meeting) held during the sixth night standing,  April 5, 2016 on the Republic Square in Paris This  movement, born. the occupation of the Republic  square after the demonstration against the & quot;  labor law & quot; March 31, attracting more and  more people every night around entertainment and  debate.
  • Who are the participants standing Night?

The Occupy movement in the Republic Square gathers quite diverse audiences, depending on the time of day. By late afternoon, passersby and curious residents are many, but in the day and late at night, a public activist, which includes sensitivities “to the left of the left” majority. The students form a good part of the audience of Night standing, but all ages are represented, from high school to retired

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the Night of standing claims are still not clear, under the sentence issued by the economist Frédéric Lordon, the eve of the first occupation in the auditorium occupied the University Paris I – Tolbiac: “We do not claim anything. “ After a month of occupation, however, the movement is trying to avoid shortness of breath, to refocus on the law El Khomri, its primary action. This should enable the movement to ally with unions, fighting against the labor law. The “commissions” Night of standing have been working on many subjects, but they remain in the state of reflection, in the absence of management

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  • What do the unions?
The secretary general of the CGT, Philippe  Martinez, speaks at a general meeting of Night  Stand, April 28, 2016 on Republic Square in  Paris.

individually , union members have paid close to the movement or participated. But unions in fight against labor law do not all have the same “official” position facing the movement. United, for example, is very close to Night standing and could provide logistical and administrative support to the movement. The CGT, first a little distant, decided at the Marseilles Congress to reach out to Night upright. Its secretary general, Philippe Martinez, came to meet on April 28, a delegation, then speak to the meeting. Workers Force, meanwhile, wants to stay focused on the fight against labor law

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  • who are the organizers?

It is very difficult to determine who “leads” Night upright. The only thing we know for sure, it is the identity of the initiators. This is a small group of activists formed around Frédéric Lordon, economist, and François Ruffin, journalist, director of Thank you boss! and founder of the independent magazine Fakir. This small group had the idea to occupy the place after the demonstration of 31 March. It continues to offer directions to the movement, sometimes arousing the suspicion of some participants. The idea of ​​”convergence” evening on April 28 was born after the debate “So what? “During which François Ruffin called for closer trade unions. But we can not assign the “decision”. A night stand, everything is still to be voted commissions

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The fees are the second element can draw an “organization,” although officially Night standing does not. They discuss projects and vote, because the General Assembly is not voting, participants have found that the public coming and going on the square could not be considered a stable voting meeting. Last week, tensions rose, some participants at the GA accusing commissions “become independent” to their detriment

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  • can night standing extend beyond the Republic square?

spaces occupations were launched in several cities in France, as in Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse and Nice. Overall, these gatherings are modest, with a few hundred participants, and do not take place continuously as the square of the Republic. Suburbs standing movements have been made in the Paris region, with mixed success

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  • Do they threaten security issues Night standing
  • ?

Paris, Place of the Republic, April 13,  2016.CRS and gendarmes escorting the demonstrators  to the square of the Republic, after a small group  left support a & quot; friend & quot; in custody  in the 2nd district

overflows on the sidelines of movement occurred, especially in the evening of the event on 9 April and the following week. an altercation with Alain Finkielkraut, April 16, caused an uproar in the press, which has offended in the entire reserved Home Academician by some activists

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new overflows erupted after the demonstration on 28 April. that night, twenty-four people were taken into custody for degradation and violence. Two vehicles were burned. the police headquarters has warned night organizers standing, encouraging them to develop to a security service and facilitate the evacuation of the place to the end time of permission to demonstrate (midnight or 1 am, depending on the day). Following the movement could be suspended to that

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  • How do the policies Night stand?

Night raises overall standing benevolence left the government side and the municipality of Paris, despite some calls to order on the management of overflows. Right, installing the movement has raised questions about its compatibility with the state of emergency. After ten nights standing, the party Republicans requested the evacuation of the place, as the National Front

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