Saturday, April 30, 2016

Yes to legal aid for Abdeslam – Liberation

The national law and popular morality may legitimately differ. And even face. The first does not bother feeling, when the second pulse to the rhythm of our dramas and often akin to that measure public opinion and grind pollsters. Everyone understands what may shock when you learn that Salah Abdeslam, only direct protagonist of the events of November 13 to have been captured alive, will receive legal aid – as every accused is entitled to the maximum win 1000 euros monthly. But how such a man, who does not deny his involvement in the barbaric attacks that targeted Paris, can it be supported in any way by the nation he helped bring grief? The temptation of a logic “eye for eye”, let alone after terrorist acts and so that the highest state authorities use the word “war” is understandable, if not legitimate. But the essence and pride of the rule of law is precisely to enforce it through. Leaving such any litigant benefit from a defense, whether rich or poor, a French citizen of the EU or abroad in a regular situation.

There are contexts where this is less easy . Where popular pressure and populist temptation mingle. But if we decided tomorrow to deprive terrorists of legal aid – which one recalls that it is for people in terms of law and whatever the facts established in the press or about this or such are innocent alleged – that public opinion would she then deny it? Rapists, killers, suspected fraudsters? It was also learned this week, Abdeslam, isolation Fleury since his transfer to Belgium, will be defended by Frank Berton, a Cador. This is also the lawyer said it had agreed to be paid through legal aid, the amount of which is not proportionate to the seriousness of the facts or their “media aspect.” But if M th Berton losing money in the judicial marathon that opens, it gains a sacred display, while showing connection with his conception of the role of advocate. Abdeslam will offer him a tenor at the expense of France, but it would almost know rejoice, keeping in mind the importance of judging in the best conditions in the name of our values. The other option is, as the lawyer and MP Marinist Gilbert Collard, to advocate the use of torture against Abdeslam. One can imagine what that looks like the view, stay-in rather the law.

Jonathan Bouchet-Petersen


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