Saturday, April 30, 2016

Murder Aurelie Chatelain: Sid Ahmed Ghlam have phoned in prison – Europe1

The alleged murderer of Aurelie Chatelain would he managed to get a cell phone in prison? According to information from Le Figaro , Sid Ahmed Ghlam suspicion of having planned an attack against a church in Villejuif, in April 2015, would have telephoned out for the first six months of his detention . Also according to the newspaper, phone chip discovered in his cell would contain “documents citing people involved in the attacks on 13 November.”

“Hundreds information.” Still in solitary confinement in the prison of Fresnes, Sid Ahmed Ghlam have exchanged “thousands of conversations” according to Le Figaro . These calls would have lasted until November 13, day of the attacks of Paris. According to Europe 1 information is an unannounced search that allowed to find a telephone chip on 20 November, a week after the attacks in Paris. This chip contained “hundreds info” alongside “Paper Documentation of charts and pedigrees of people left for Syria, and several names involved in the attacks of 13 November,” said Le Figaro , also reporting that during a second search, a new chip was found.

Weeks decryption. According to the daily, these documents were sent to intelligence services “for decryption that have taken many weeks.” The terrorism prosecutor of Paris could so far not found it necessary to pay these to the proceedings concerning the events of November 13th.


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