Saturday, April 30, 2016

France-Hostage in a prison in Seine-et-Marne – Boursorama

 PARIS, April 30 (Reuters)  – A supervisor of Réau prison in  Seine-et-Marne southeast of Paris, was restrained  by two held late Saturday afternoon a-t- we  learned union source. Philippe Country, National  Secretary in charge of communication of the  National Union FO prison, told iTELE this hostage  did not surprise, reports of recurring tensions  linked to insufficient enrollment in French  prisons. “The supervisor is alone on his  passageway. The supervisor for a faction of six to  eight hours a roughly Management 100 to 120  inmates. How would you there is no frustration  from one side of other and we get to accidents as  unhappy today? “he he said. With a capacity  of 798 seats, the “detention center south  Ile” was commissioned in June 2011. (Myriam  Rivet, edited by Jean-Stéphane Brosse) 


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