Friday, April 29, 2016

Labour law: “Block companies if necessary” – the New Republic

A new mobilization against El Khomri law brought together hundreds of people in the department. In Blois, two separate actions were carried out.

Yesterday, the Workers Force had decided to “up a notch” in its actions against the law work by organizing a filtering dam roundabout Cap’Ciné at Blois, at noon. “We must stop the simple events, which are not enough to make ourselves heard, said Eric Gondy, general secretary of FO 41. We wished that the other unions follow us. We are not so far disunited compared with other trade union organizations. “

A little further and a little later, nearly 400 people (employees in the private and the public, retirees and young people), the call of the CGT, FSU and Solidarity, have found themselves at the crossroads of the Industry boulevard and Vendome Avenue for a walk to the prefecture. As head of the procession, were employees of Germanaud, Blois company whose closure is announced for August. “There is still fighting to preserve our jobs, insists Philippe Lhuillier, CGT. Management has trouble saying that Germanaud is no longer viable. We want to evict us for the group to make more profits. “ This Saturday, stewards of the factory go to Paris to negotiate the PSE (Safeguard Plan for Employment). “The benefits they offer us are dismal. “ Sunday, employees of Germanaud take part in the parade 1 st May, in Paris, occupying the top places.
Divided in their actions, trade unions are yet to agree on the merits: they are desperate to withdraw this bill. “Nothing can be amended in this text that no longer protects employees in companies, regrets Alain Guilmain, secretary general of the CGT 41. This is the company agreements that will become the rule and go above the law. Given the challenges that lie ahead, it is a shame to see fewer people in the parades. If we can not anchor the mobilization in companies, it will be complicated to give the government. If you want to bend, we will have to block companies stopping production. If we do not do these sacrifices today, we will pay it later. “ The Inter regrets the double set of FO, signing the agreement call for the event while leading his action on his part. “Blocking traffic is useless,” by the CGT.
Sunday, the bill will also be at the heart of discussions in the defiles of 1 st May FO decided to gather on the former site of the Poulain chocolate factory, site of the first strike in Blois. Meanwhile, the CGT has also planned to gather to Denis-Papin steps.


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