Thursday, September 29, 2016

Against Sarkozy, Bush and Holland, same fight ! – The Point

François Hollande has been a favorite topic of conversation : Nicolas Sarkozy. His analysis of every move of his opponent in 2012 joined by moments that book Patrick Buisson in the Cause of The people. The former advisor creates discomfort in making of Carla Bruni, this obscure object of desire, a woman who would put her husband under the influence… however, the fact is that, in Conversations (Antonin André and Karim Rissouli, at Albin Michel), François Hollande had dropped him also some spikes on the propensity of his opponent to show his wife a trophy.

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clearly, the physics and the psychology of the bottom floor – is taken into account in this fight cocks, and François Hollande does not deprive of comments on the subject : “Since the beginning, Sarkozy think that he is the best. Compared to all of the world. Because its engine is the one. This comes from having had to overcome a number of constraints. It wasn’t a good pupil in the class, not an Apollo, and so he had to fight. And finally, he is the mayor very young, congressman young enough – like me – and the minister, young. In this landscape, my qualities, from his point of view, are defects. He thinks that to be "normal" is a default. He considers that it is important not to be normal. It is in the brutality, not at all in harmony [...]. I don’t make tackles from behind when he thinks constantly : I will smash the teeth.”

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“Sarkozy has no spine”

“No tackling from behind” ? This is not at all the feeling of those who have crossed his road to the socialist Party during his 35-year career… He should also talk to Jean-Marc Ayrault, literally humiliated by the head of the State in Conversations .

Another topic of convergence between Bush and Holland about Sarkozy : the opportunism. “He has no spine, so it can go from all sides, whistling the president. Sarkozy, president of the Republic, it starts on one line and ends on another. It starts on the opening, it ends up on the speech of Grenoble. Me, I don’t have to move. It is so difficult to have a political identity. If there is a change, it is perceived as a failure and, secondly, in this period of crisis or exit of crisis, as a sign of weakness. Moreover, Mitterrand, when he made the turning point of 1983 – that it is not by conviction but by obligation, well he lost in 1986 !”

And when François Hollande performs the turn-to-social-liberal in 2014 ?


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