Thursday, September 29, 2016

The foundation Lejeune made his pub anti-abortion in high schools – The Obs

Deploying a line of argument worthy of the “Survivors” and an illustration that can only be the work of a child of five years, the foundation of “defense of life” Jérôme-Lejeune hope to speak to high school students. And several colleges and private under contract are willing to assist in this task.

What are two highschool students of the Academy of Montpellier, which have alerted about the issue on the eve of the international day for the right to abortion on the 28 September. Shocked to find this “Manual of bioethics youth” available on a display of their establishment, they have sent photos to the illustrator Nawak, which reproduces excerpts from a post to Facebook posted Tuesday night and shared more than 9,000 times :

your environment

The message of this “Manual” – which is also available online in its “updated version” – is clear : the right to abortion, recognized in France since 1975, is a “right to kill”. “What is legal is not necessarily moral,” writes the foundation Lejeune in his pamphlet.

“C, and the book’s tone is resolutely scientific, clear and factual”, is defending the Foundation on its website. The tone is mostly guilt :

“Nearly 9 million abortions have been performed since 1975. 9 million children are unique, irreplaceable.”

In the case of rape, explain the authors of the “Manual, “if one can understand that a woman does not want the child”, it is all the same obliged to keep as “kill the child does not cancel the drama”.

And if you are still unsure, it is that you have not read the testimony of “Melissa, 23 years old”, “broken” from an ABORTION that the “destroyed from the inside for years”. Etc., Etc ..

“hundreds of thousands” of copies

Since the publication of the post Facebook by Nawak, many students in high schools, private said to have had access to their “Manual” in their establishment. A mother paris tells us, for example, in the “Huffington Post” that it was distributed to her daughters-in-class “human and religious formation”.

The Foundation Lejeune itself does not know how many copies of his “Manual” were distributed in the institutions, but ensures you have printed “hundreds of thousands” and the stream numbers in the world youth Days (WYD). She does not see where is the problem, since it is private institutions.

The minister of women’s Rights, Laurence Rossignol, sees things from a different eye. It has arrested the cartoonist Nawak on Twitter Wednesday morning. On the occasion of the filing of an amendment to extend the offence of obstructing the ABORTION to the internet, she explained in an interview with Rue89 :

the”Be hostile to ABORTION is an opinion that everyone can share. But do you believe the women we will give them information while in reality the goal is to discourage an abortion, or making them feel guilty is not acceptable.”

The amendment has been rejected by the senators on Thursday. On Twitter, the Fondation Lejeune relishes.

“The activists anti-ABORTION are on the Internet ? We follow”

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