Thursday, September 29, 2016

The regions welcome a “small revolution” for their funding – The World

the presidents of The region have unanimously welcomed, Thursday, September 29, the announcement by Manuel Valls concerning the reform of their funding on the occasion of the congress of the Regions of France. From January 2018, the State will not pay more money in the form of staffing to the regions. Instead, they will receive a fraction of the VAT. An arbitration unhoped-for local elected officials, even if they display prudence, waiting for the implementation of this measure to declare victory.

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” I need to see “, admitted, after this announcement, Philippe Richert, president (The Republicans) of the Regions of France, the new name of the Association of regions of France which granted to the World it was a ” revolutionary “.

” On principle, this is a development I welcome, it is unquestionably a good measure. But I’m not going to begin to rejoice tomorrow if the reality does not correspond to what is announced. “

For François Bonneau, executive president (socialist Party) of the Regions of France, at the head of the region Centre-Val de Loire :

” It is a resource that is going to be stable, permanent and dynamic. It is a true recognition of the regions. Of course, we would have preferred a direct effect as early as 2017. It removes nothing to my satisfaction to see finally the role and responsibilities of regions recognized. For 2017, the account is not there completely, but we have made the essential. “

Alain Rousset, the former president (PS) of the Association of regions of France, president of the region’s New-Aquitaine has said ” happy “ :

” It’s been years that I fought to achieve it. “

The president of the executive council of Corsica, Gilles Simeoni is pleased that this measure, which he called his wishes, had the support of the government.

The fund to 2017 ” inadequate “

announcements regarding State aid as early as 2017, to support the economic development of the regions, have, they, gnash the teeth. These funds will be distributed based on the expenses incurred within the limit of € 450 million, are insufficient according to Philippe Richert :

” The account is not there. We felt the needs of 600 million. “

the Same discourse in Bruno Retailleau, president (LR) of the region pays de la Loire, which would like to see improvements in the funding of new competences of the regions are ” met ” before 2018, the deadline established by Manuel Valls.

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