Friday, September 30, 2016

Sentenced to two years in prison for incitement to terrorism on the Telegram – The Figaro

The young 29-year old man, named Youssef, was sentenced to four years in prison, including two suspended for having pushed one of its correspondents to commit a terrorist attack in France, and another from make the jihad in Syria. Before the tribunal, he was assured that he was joking and laughed at his interlocutors.

For the first time in France, a user of the e-mail encrypted Telegram was held at the correctional court in Paris on Friday. The young man, age 29, was sentenced to four years in prison, including two suspended, for having incited someone to commit a terrorist act. He had been arrested in Montpellier on August 25. At the bar, the accused was assured that in reality he was joking and laughed at its corresponding radicalized by pretending to be one of their own. His counsel, mr. Martin Méchin, felt that this sentence was “inappropriate” and that his client posed “no danger”. The accused, named Youssef, was stuck by the intelligence services of French, but nothing in the record to show for what reason.

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This man said he was contacted via Facebook by the corresponding “more or less radicalized” that spoke to him of religion, and who invited him to exchange views with them on the e-mail encrypted Telegram. This network of e-mail, the discussion forums are only accessible on invitation, is considered today as one of the preferred means of communication of the jihadists.

The indictment accuses Youssef of having, in the course of trade, prompted a young man to go to Syria and another to commit a terrorist act. The accused explained that with these correspondents, he played “a role” but laughed at them. “If you go to the action tomorrow, you will be ours,” he wrote, including one of its correspondents, before you propose to him soon after to sell him a nuclear bomb. Youssef had also suggested to his interlocutor to pass the act, “the 31 February, a date that does not exist, he stressed, to try to convince the court of his mockery. His correspondent, with psychological disorders, has not been pursued at this stage, no specific project has been highlighted.

Youssef was also sentenced for consultation usual internet sites glorifying or inciting terrorism, a new offence built-in to the French penal code in July. It is in particular alleged to be a subscriber to the string Telegram of the group jihadist islamic State (EI) and have downloaded videos of propaganda. He defended himself by explaining that their download was done automatically.

A minor radicalized on Telegram set review

earlier in the day, a schoolboy of 15 years has been indicted and jailed. This teenager, in the third class and unknown to intelligence services, was arrested Wednesday morning at Domont in the Val-d’oise. He is suspected of having wanted to commit an attack jihadist, and would have assured the investigators that he had relinquished his project. The minor was in contact via e-mail Telegram with Rashid Kassim, a jihadist French suspected of téléguider his followers at a distance from the area iraq-syria. It was also in connection, via the encrypted network, with the teenager arrested on 14 September in the Twentieth arrondissement of Paris, which was also in connection with Kassim and suspected of having wanted to perpetrate a violent action.

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“It is very present on Telegram where he hosted two channels that broadcast the propaganda of the jihadist,” noted the source close to the investigation. In recent weeks, a dozen teenagers have been arrested for threats of attacks similar, under the influence of the propaganda of Rashid Kassim. The latter is believed to have inspired more or less directly the murder of a police officer and his girlfriend on the 13th of June in Magnanville (Yvelines), and that of a priest killed in his church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray (Seine-Maritime) on July 26.

Telegram, in the heart of the propaganda of jihadist

Launched in 2013, Telegram is a messaging app from Russia. Rival of WhatsApp and Messenger, she has made the security of communications on its main selling point. She claims to be “more secure than the other e-mail applications for the general public. It is this which has attracted the supporters of the islamic State, whose communication efforts are twofold: to discuss quietly their project, while spreading their ideas to the greatest number. The “channels” of Telegram allow wide and rapid dissemination of their propaganda. The application is also quite lax in its moderation. She began to remove accounts associated with the islamic State at the end of the year 2015, after the attacks of 13 November in France.

Qama, one of the organs of communication of the terrorist organization, has a chain on the application. Adel Kermiche, the murderer of father Jacques Hamel in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, had created its own chain Telegram, followed by nearly 200 people. He used to broadcast audio messages or to ask questions to its subscribers. He obviously had the project to disseminate photos or video of his murder.


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