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The court of Bobigny sentenced Tuesday to prison terms of 12 to 18 months of prison, three young men who attacked and robbed a family of chinese origin on the parking lot of a restaurant in Drancy (Seine-Saint-Denis).

” We’re not the only ones to fly the Asian “

The court held as an aggravating circumstance the dimension of “racist” of the assault, a few weeks after the death of Zhang Chaolin, a father of a family chinese of 49 years, died in a flight violent to Aubervilliers.

” We’re not the only ones to fly Asians. Has’aubervilliers it is common, ” defended the accused, who deny any involvement. Between the ages of 22 to 23 years, they were on trial for two robberies with violence committed on the same evening of march 26, in the Seine-Saint-Denis.

each time, the victims, who came from middle chinese traders of Aubervilliers, had been followed, before being beaten and emptied their bag.

A trio, organized, decided, “

Acquitted of the first flight ” for the benefit of the doubt “, the accused were convicted for an assault that had occurred shortly before 22 hours in the car park of a restaurant in Drancy : three adults of the same family were beaten under the eyes of four children.

The victims have been “chosen for what they represent, referred to what they have and targeted to what they are,” quipped the prosecutor, which required 30 months to three years in prison.

The three defendants, two of whom were sentenced to twelve months closes, compared with 18 months for the third, had already been convicted in two similar cases, and imprisoned. They had been arrested in flagrante delicto in April. This matter was then allowed investigators to make the connection with other assaults to the operating mode that is identical, in particular those of 26 march.

Seeing in them a “trio organized, decided,” the attorney wondered : “Will they continue to commit the irreparable ? “

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