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A safety feature, much lighter than indicated, a time of “more long”, and a truck that is not stopped by the forces of the order, but that would have stalled… This Thursday, the Daily (TMC) has removed the version of the terrorist attack in Nice given by teams of the ministry of Interior and the municipality.

While one of its journalists (Azzeddine Ahmed-Chaouch) was able to consult the minutes of the Sub-directorate anti-terrorism judicial police (Sdat), Yann Barthes would have disclosed what he “really” happened to Nice on the evening of July 14.

The white truck would have finished his race… wedging

Two and a half months after the attack which claimed more than 80 victims, the Daily has highlighted a number of inconsistencies in the official versions supplied by the authorities. Quoting from a key document in the Sdat, which describes the place of the events minute by minute, the journalist provides the police was “blocked by people fleeing the scene of the crime” and that the white truck drove by Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel would have finished his race… wedging.

This, then, that the minister of the interior Bernard Cazeneuve assured a few days after the incident that ” the system of protection has allowed the national police to intercept the truck and put an end to his race deadly “.

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Finally, Azzeddine Ahmed-Chaouch looks back on the controversy that has inflamed the promenade des Anglais shortly after the attack : police deployed the evening of July 14, was it enough ? Since the tragedy, the ministry of the Interior ensures that ” everyone who has taken knowledge of the conditions of intervention of the national police will be able to see that it was present, very present.”

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” On the videos, the investigators did observe that a police car national

” of police vehicles made it impossible to cross the promenade des Anglais, ” it said same Bernard Cazeneuve, two days after the bombing. False, says Daily. Always quoting the minutes, the issue of the TMC ensures that the device was much lighter than indicated.

” On the videos, the investigators did observe that a police car national on the promenade of the English “, one could read in the report. As a reminder, the daily Liberation had already denounced him in its editions of July 21 and 22 “of the faults and lies” in the security device of this tragic evening of the 14th of July.

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