Friday, April 8, 2016

Attacks in Paris and Brussels: Mohamed Abrini arrested in Belgium – Le Point

Mohamed Abrini, wanted for the bombings in Paris, was arrested in the Brussels district of Anderlecht, told VRT. Information confirmed by a police source told AFP. No details on the conditions of his arrest has been provided at this stage. The Belgian-Moroccan, aged 31, under the influence of a French arrest warrant had been filmed November 11, 2015, to 19 hours, accompanied by Salah Abdeslam in a service station on the motorway to Paris. He was driving the Renault Clio which was used two days after committing the attacks in Paris.

According to VRT quoted by the daily Le Soir , Mohamed Abrini would also “the man in the hat ‘, the third suspect in the bombings of Brussels Airport on 22 March. His DNA was found in the apartment raided in Schaerbeek. Abrini, alias “brioche”, grew up with his three brothers and two sisters in the Molenbeek Brussels commune near the Abdeslam family. He is suspected of having carried out a brief stint in Syria during the summer 2015. His younger brother, Souleymane, 20, died there in 2014 after fighting in the katiba (Islamist brigade) Abdelhamid Abaaoud, alleged organizer Paris attacks. Mid-July, Mohamed Abrini had been located in the UK, including Birmingham (central England), a British stronghold of Islamists. . In August, he had gone to Morocco from Germany

A second suspect arrested

According to the VRT always, a second suspect was arrested Friday: Osama Krayem. This would be the suspect spotted the Pétillon station the day of the bombings Brussels. The suspect had had contact with Khalid El Bakraoui shortly before the latter takes place explode in the Maelbeek station. According to RTBF, Osama Krayem would have bought at City2 Mall, the bags used in the attacks of 22 March.

In a statement Friday, federal prosecutors announced the arrest of several people under the Brussels attacks, but he did not disclose their identity. “The federal prosecutor confirms that there have been several arrests during the day as part of the attacks in Zaventem National Airport and Brussels metro Maelbeek” said the floor in a short statement, refusing to other immediate comment.

the arrests come three weeks after that of Salah Abdeslam, arrested in the Brussels commune of Molenbeek after four months on the run to the nose and the beard of the authorities Belgian. It must be handed over to French authorities “within weeks”, according to his lawyer Sven Mary, the time that Belgian investigators agree in particular on the killings of Brussels.

The survey on Paris bombings has quickly oriented to Belgium, which were from most members of the commandos. Fourteen people have so far indicted by the Belgian courts, ten still in custody. Four Belgian residents were arrested in Italy, Algeria, Turkey and Morocco.


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