Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Cohn-Bendit little longer believes in a primary left – Liberation

Sometimes a good rant can make things happen. Worried about the current stalemate of the initiative of a ‘primary left and ecology “, launched by a call published in mid-January Libération , Daniel Cohn-Bendit doubt.

in an interview with World the former head of the European Parliament ecologists warning about the difficulties facing the intended operation, initially, to collect the first round of the presidential left forces to avoid leaving the second turn to the right and the extreme right. “I see that the gap between all the components of the left and ecologists keeps growing, he explains. To make a primary, it takes a minimum of trust and respect. The refusal to hatred against the government, as the condescension of the latter against other political forces on the left, makes the conditions to organize a primary increasingly difficult. “

Watch. called “personally very pessimistic,” Cohn-Bendit recalled that initially “the argument the left would be absent from the second round there was no one left candidate in the first round of the presidential functioned as a punchline. “ Greens, Communist Party and even the Party Socialist had answered “yes” to the signatory, coming mainly from academia, cultural and associative. “But now we come to a crucial point and complicated,” he said.

this weekend, EE-LV and SP must refine their positions – especially in terms of rules and timetable – this primary. But many fear that everyone plays for time and does not engage fully in this process which would involve supporting the nominee … even if it is Francois Hollande.

” the cultural-political climate makes this unfeasible good idea, sorry Cohn-Bendit. C ‘was just a proposal, which could allow the left and ecologists to come out on top of the mess in which we find ourselves. But given what happened around the deprivation of nationality and the reception of refugees, finding a common position between the social-liberal left and part of the left of the left, passing by environmentalists, me seems virtually impossible. “ ” Dany is a solitary player, once it does the more fun it move on, a review of its environmental comrades. Everyone knew that the primary story quickly gaverait it. “

No party political. If the primary fails Cohn-Bendit will focus then on Nicolas Hulot, who excluded – as Jean-Luc Mélenchon – to participate in a primary. “He alone has the capacity to bring together environmentalists, partly socialist and even centrist, by former MEP. It can not be a party political candidate. “ However, Cohn-Bendit does not loose the case of the primary. On April 16, he will attend the forum “Our Primary” organized by Libération at the Théâtre de la Porte Saint-Martin.

Lilian Alemagna


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