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“It’s here to stay however long it takes” – Liberation

A saber in the most controversial measures, a weather enrhumer a polar bear and half of unions ( “reformists”) who joined the government in the meantime: all announced a reflux mobilization Thursday against the bill work. Everything … except the determination of opponents. Three weeks after the launch of the movement, and despite the shortness 17 and 24 March, 390,000 people throughout France, including nearly 30,000 in the capital, according to the Ministry of Interior, are again taken to the streets for this fourth day of action. Nearly double the first day of protest on March 9 (224,000). From Paris to Toulouse via Nantes, one constant: the desire to remain mobilized until the complete withdrawal of the text. By Thursday evening, the CGT announced two new events: the 5 and 9 April

8 hours, Paris

To cut the grass under the feet of students, twenty principals. had themselves decided to close their establishments. Stacking bins outside the front door of the hutch becoming a futile exercise, the mood is surprisingly gloomy, Thursday at 8 am, before the Dorian schools, Arago and Ravel, near Place de la Nation. Only Hélène Boucher high school reproduced the blockade of the past weeks. Students are ground: socks lined with a layer of plastic against the rain penetration, placards written in advance and route of the procession exchanged via SMS. “You learn quickly, and we also provided medical kits, says Juliet, first grader L. In my bag, I saline, bandages, disinfectant …” for the students have mostly retained last week they could be beaten by police. The video of a student of Bergson hit by an agent in particular has been viewed over 2 million times ( Libération March 31). In these circumstances, defense of the Labour code is replaced, in the discussions, by denouncing police violence. On the Place de la Nation, a little later, students of Henri Bergson school are the heroes of the gathering. Their arrival was greeted with a general hurray. About 3 000 young make up the procession must join “the manifestation of adults, instead of Italy.” Walking is framed as close by CRS and men of the BAC, collapsible baton in his hand. At the center of the procession, the most brawlers – fifteen people – is discreetly fitted gloves, shin guards, and raise their scarves. It will take less than ten minutes for the first clashes erupt. The students take two hours to reach the site of Italy

11 hours, Toulouse

The aisles Jean Jaurès, black people, attest to the importance of mobilization.: 20,000 people according to police – five times according to organizers – answered the call. “There is something going on, the proportion of employees increases,” says Bernard Dedeban, secretary of the FSU 31. In a drum roll, slogan – “Neither amendable nor negotiable” – launches the start. “It’s here to stay however long it takes for the total withdrawal of the law,” prognostic Abdullah, 47, a teacher at a high school. This “feels” a strong determination about him, with a movement that “organizes” . “The result is tomorrow with AG in companies and in schools to prepare blockades and to meet again in the street Tuesday he adds. The exasperation is there, fueled by the return of Valls on the good performance of the French minimum wage. But he wondered how one lives in Toulouse with 1100 euros net per month and a rent of 600 euros for a T2? “

Red Nose, white makeup, baggy trousers and unlaced large pumps: Quentin, 21, and Dorian, 20, dressed students see a “movement that is growing in a society imbued with a latent violence” Smiles despite displayed. drizzle begins to fall, Franck, 24, Paul, 26, and Thibaut, 25, engineer, think “it may change if the protests continue to grow.” However, they are the only ones of their labs to have decided to strike. Amanda, 30, a nursing assistant and militant proletarian road, towing midterm: “This demonstration is not a high point or the end, it is the beginning with the student movement and the strikes ahead. “ More offensive, the second part of the procession led by the young and intermittent group noisily manifest its rejection” total “of labor law. “There are more students than in the first demo, found Laure, a 20 year old student. It’s good to unite with workers, if one does not come out. “ Begun in quiet, the demonstration disperses in violent clashes with the police.

12: 30 pm, Paris

the procession of pupils and students cross the Seine and began the ascent of the Hospital boulevard that leads to the Place d’Italie. The scene is unusual: the head of the procession is preceded by numerous CRS, progressing backwards. Same device on the sides: the police surround the crowd in a very constricted. The atmosphere is relaxed with the approach of the Place d’Italie, when young people start to link up with the unions. Sound systems spew the usual tubes: loose is nothing, Bella Ciao, the International … Francis, 50, wants to believe that with the arrival of spring, the mobilization will still grow. This official seconded in Orange, union FO, a “trust” “As we saw with the deprivation of nationality, can the government back.” He hoped the civil society will continue to “mobilize at every level,” by demonstrations and strikes. Francis is counting on youth for “maintain momentum” for “employees are losing money when they strike.” “But we will be there to follow the “ he adds. Patricia, employed in the childcare sector, manifest for the second time against the bill. While recognizing difficulty in raising her colleagues, she does not despair: “We need more regular demonstrations to put pressure.”

13 hours, Nantes

According to the CGT, 30,000 demonstrators, including a third of pupils and students, 12,000 according to the prefecture. The Nantais, gathered in the center, were at least twice as many as the previous week, according to authorities. Valérie Olivier, shop steward in a retirement home, stopped on the sidelines of the procession to have their picture taken by one of his comrades FO. History to mark this day with a white stone. “We will come back as this law will not be fully removed, prevents this 43 year old woman. This is a shame … It shows that Hollande has never worked in his life. “ A little later, other demonstrators dream to send the ” El Khomri factory, Valls in Cayenne, Holland to St. Helena “. ” If we wanted to get fucked by the government, we would have elected Brad Pitt, “ adds a placard held by a girl, all smiles. Antoine himself, holding in his arms his 4 year old son. This teacher of 39 years is in its third mobilization against the law work “Today, this demo is anything but a last stand. Every Thursday there are more and more people he notes. After that, it is certain that Saturday is the school holidays … The students will therefore disappear processions, which will lose half of the workforce. But they will come back: other protests are already planned for the autumn “ The Nantes teacher especially regret the procedure adopted hitherto by the unions.. “I would rather decide on a renewed strike: we never got anything in the past, making one-day strikes. Yet this is the time to enjoy it, because the government is weakened … Sarkozy had pension reform, Hollande will have his work law. “ Alongside the procession, several clashes between them police nearly 200 breaker s.

13: 30 pm, Paris

in Paris, on the boulevard de l’Hôpital, the workers Struggle activists climb their stand. The demo does enough to make the government? “Why not, since we’re close to the presidential elections, it is a challenge to those in power, a militant analysis. It’s better to be in the street to sign petitions on the Internet, it is more effective “ Even optimism Julien thirties and college professor in Paris. ” The withdrawal is possible, “ but goes through ” demonstrations more numerous, more protesters and strikers. “ for ” weapon of workers, it remains the strike ” . David postman in Paris and union SUD, pushes his bike, a flag hanging on the rack. This month, there are six days of strike to the counter. “Each strike day is 75 euros. It is an effort for sure. But I do not understand all these people who do not strike, because everyone is affected by this law will affect all our lives, “ he explains. But the thirties, who says out of a burn-out, also calls for other types of mobilization: “If it were up to me, put on fire everywhere, we would occupations, it would to the Assembly for all screw up. But I say that personally. “ Before spreading his anger against ” screw up this garbage that all public services and have a mandate for the Medef “ or the “CAC 40 bosses who make billions on the backs of workers.” from youth side ecologists, the tone is more nuanced. “Today is a big day, there are many more people and that will have big impacts. But this is not enough. Which will weigh, it is the convergence of struggles and concrete alternatives. Tonight in citizens’ assemblies, we will see how to agree among environmentalists, young precarious, intermittent and others. We must go beyond the framework of organizations, “ says Leah, twenties, looking for work and in the ” galley “. next? “There will probably occupations” she predicted. Around 16 pm, the Boulevard de l’Hopital never empty. Behind a large banner “They have billions, we are millions,” the protesters, intermittent head, chanting: “. Money, there are, in the cases of employers’ the sound of FO Ile-de-France spits “all together, all together until the withdrawal.” A few meters away, the truck CGT takes over: “From that law, we do not want, it is combat. Company agreements, make us pay for their crisis, isolated industrial tribunal to dismiss us. We do not want it. “ red cap on his head, two militant CGT close to retirement are raising their determination. “If protest is not enough, we will move into high gear,” launches one. “People are at the end, young people do not have work, we ask old work ever. If the government does not listen to the people, we’re going to a new May 68 “.

Amandine Cailhol, Jean-Manuel Escarnot William Frouin, Célian Mace, Sylvain Mouillard and Luc Peillon


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