Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Legalization of cannabis for young people, “it will fill the state coffers” – Le Figaro

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While Jean-Marie Le Guen has revived the debate on the legalization of cannabis, young people most affected by the consumer population, have rather strong opinions but shared .

“The prohibition of cannabis in France worth discussing.” This sentence signed Jean-Marie Le Guen, State Secretary for Relations with Parliament, was launched Monday at the passage of the politician on BFMTV . It was enough for the media sphere ablaze. Real proposal? conjuring trick? What about him is sincere or not, it still raise debate. Young -population most affected by cannabis consumption specifically react this morning and their opinions, as they are sliced, are rather mixed.

“It will change neither the number of users or the number of diseases caused

” It will change neither the number of users or the number of diseases caused etc … “said Enzo. At the launch of our survey on the legalization of cannabis this morning, the young man, a student of tourism in Angers, seem against the idea of ​​legalization. Nevertheless he tempers his remarks, adding a certain conception of pragmatism. “The only difference is that the profits will go to the state instead of going to the dealer, which is not so bad.”

As if we could not do nothing, as if the situation was hopeless, some young people seem to equate that cannabis use is a fact and that it is not a law that will change things . “Me, I think it can be a good idea, although I still skeptical as a non smoker or non-consumptive. On this does not consumption increase that already has a substantial rate, and two that will fill the state coffers “testifies Barbara, student in Master 1 private law and criminal sciences.

The economics inevitably comes into account … even when we talk about drug

To reduce the debt of the state, reduce the income of dealers, appearance economic inevitably comes into account, even when talking about drugs. Some like Melissa, do not hesitate to take the example of the economic model of the US west coast on cannabis. “In Colorado, they raised taxes so much since it’s legal that they have to pay part to the people.”

Others, like Max, are much more Cartesian and wonder if the government does not take the problem backwards. “By definition, cannabis is a drug, so a product that even at low doses is bad for the body. To make money, the government will facilitate access to this product, while France already has 13.5 million regular smokers, half slam with lung cancer and 4 million alcoholics followed? “.

“Legalize cannabis will not move the crime”

Alexis is also against and puts forward the psychological fragility of smokers as a weapon dealers. “Legalizing marijuana will not move delinquency, this will indirectly ask other public health problems! By legalizing the most naive of us will turn to more dangerous products to escape their existential problems or complex. The dealers are waiting it out for new products, “

A rather unexpected support. That of some non-smoking

More surprisingly, the legalization of cannabis has a support rather inatendu: that of some non-smoking. Ben, a student at the University of Franche-Comté is one of them. “I’m not smoking, and for the legalization of cannabis! quality rising, falling hazard for consumers and better care for addicts because they will be less stigmatized. ” Ivan, a student at Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée University agrees. “No smoking but I am not against. Cannabis is responsible for fewer deaths than alcohol and makes it less aggressive. ” If the question of the legalization of cannabis seems far from being a priority for French policy, it will have at least had the merit to react and to understand the truths of a population confronted daily with this problem.

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