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Night stand: genesis of a movement not so spontaneous – Le Figaro

The origin of this disparate movement, dynamic but without leaders, there is the Journal Fakir and its director François Ruffin. Far from being spontaneous, the movement was organized from February 23.

The group organizes Night standing for seven nights meeting place the Republic in Paris and other provincial cities, wants self-directed, not defined or organizational unit leaders. In their AG that last late into the night, there is a jumble of activists of EELV and the Left Front, trade unionists, community activists, students. No official spokespersons, this disparate and yet mysterious collective is based on a well-honed communication: dissemination of Periscope AG with great success, lives on social networks, a Twitter account with more than 21,000 subscribers. Their first tweet March 22, and called for a demonstration on 31 under the hashtag #Convergencedesluttes.

If we observe more closely this Twitter account, we see that the first accounts are tracked that of Edwy Plenel, patron of Médiapart and Peter Jacquemain, ex- advisor Myriam el-Khomri who stormed the Ministry following the Labor law. Other advocacy groups of the ultra-left, accustomed to such events, put their experience at the service of the movement. Thus, the demand of occupation of the Republic Square was filed by the organization ATTAC anti-globalization, while the sound was sometimes paid by the association Right to housing, sometimes by South solidarity union.

Convergence struggles

How did this nebula? It all started on February 23 at the Bourse du Travail of Saint-Denis. After the theatrical success of the movie “Thank Boss” (200,000 entries), the far-left newspaper Fakir organized an evening entitled “Make them afraid.” “The idea was to bring together the dispersed struggles, be it against the airport of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, from that of Goodyear workers, that of teachers against the reform colleges, etc. We had invited trade unionists, activists, intellectuals, “says François Ruffin boss Fakir . “Usually, benches and hair are bare, but there it was full, and very young,” says Julien Bayou , the spokesman of EELV, who was present. Another form of this motley movement, Frédéric Lordon , an economist, anti-austerity and opposition to the euro. He was not present at the meeting of 23 February, as sick, but is one of the protest leaders. One of the participants in this meeting, Loïc, who heads the company militant “Nice kid,” then launched the slogan “We are not going home,” which then turns into “night stand”. The idea is to enjoy the next social and trade union movement to engage on a peaceful demonstration, an occupancy and establishment of direct democracy. “It was to turn an arm of the social movement to the next trade union movement,” explains François Ruffin. The labor law offered them a perfect excuse. In the demonstrations against the al-Kohmri law, Ruffin and his band towing an implement, broadcast calls for mobilization. “It would certainly not think that Night Stand is a spontaneous movement, born miraculously of the sum of common desires,” says the director of Fakir Télérama . “Those who say” yes, yes “in the euphoria of the moment did not come all wet their shirt to the dynamic snaps … It took organize all this channel these disparate aspirations and need for action. It took communicate, distribute hundreds of leaflets at the demonstration on March 31, create a website and then mount marquees, deliver the equipment to show the film … “

” It is not necessary that the Republic square will take to the navel of France “

the goal was to bring together as many people night after the demonstration of 31 March Republic square. Hundreds of people remain until 6.30am. The movement decided to continue speaking the other day as “32, 33, 34 ..” in March. The website launched by Ruffin network “convergence of struggles” launches daily minutes of the AG Republic Square.

Fran  & # XE7; ois Ruffin to the ministry XE8  & #; re Labour Wednesday.

François Ruffin at the Ministry of Labour Wednesday

“We’re trying to invent something, a point of attachment of the hopes and struggles.” says the collective on his Facebook page. The Call of 9 March (for a general strike against the al-Khomri law) that came from students and political parties, trade unions, the collective “It’s better than that,” which called for free speech of workers joined the movement .

Today, it goes beyond the hard core of Ruffin and his friends. When asked if the “red thread” of the movement, he answers with a smile, “It’s not me, it’s Myriam”, wearing a t-shirt bearing the image of the minister: “I love Myriam “. “I refuse to embody the movement, I’m Picard, what interests me is first to defend the workers in my area,” he added. When he spoke Tuesday night before the protesters instead of the Republic, he was booed because he held the microphone over two minutes, and was accused of favoring the promotion of his film to democracy .

he warns: “it does not take the place of the Republic will take to the navel of France, it must overflow, that the movement extends to the working classes” . “Neither the suburbs or the working class are not currently represented,” also recognizes Julien Bayou. Ruffin but remains optimistic: “I’m Pascal’s wager on the left. I want to believe it”.


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