Thursday, April 7, 2016

Compiègne 34 municipal vehicles on fire and attacked guards – Le Figaro

The municipal technical center and the guards of a private company were targeted. The ongoing investigation will determine the causes and the identity of the perpetrators.

The town of Compiegne, in Oise, was a victim in the night from Wednesday to Thursday’s violence. Private security officers authorized by the OPAC (Office Public planning and construction), “mobilized for days against crime including drug trafficking” in the district of Clos des Roses, in Compiègne, were ” attacked, “reported the floor. No details have yet been given about the assault. According to the authorities, the guards shocked but not injured, took refuge in an apartment before being rescued by the police whose anti-crime brigade intervened in reinforcement.

dozen agents on site had been called by the city at the request of the inhabitants of this newly renovated district. “They were taken to parties by fifty individuals, says Deputy Mayor Michel Foubert in Le Figaro . They asked them, ‘What are you doing there, walk away.’ Drug trafficking is rife in some areas of the Clos des Roses and the events that occurred Wednesday night enable us to identify those where action is required. “

No weapons were found on site, but the guards and police claimed to have suffered “mortar fire or fireworks,” the prosecutor said.

Also, about 23 hours, vehicle tires exploded under the effect of heat, alerting residents of neighborhoods near the municipal technical center located in the industrial zone in the North. An intentionally triggered fire hit the center consists of two hangars with a total area of ​​4500m2.

A total of 34 technical vehicles belonging to the municipality, including vans and maintenance vehicles, were “completely destroyed by fire,” reported the rescue. The roof and the structure of the main hangar were damaged by the heat of the fire. The rapid intervention of firefighters helped prevent the fire spread to 18 other vehicles parked on the sidelines, including those intended for the cycling race Paris-Roubaix, which kick off will be given at Compiègne Sunday. The surrounding houses were not affected.

A link established with the fight against drug trafficking

The cause of the fire “is unquestionably criminal,” said the prosecutor of Compiègne. The investigation was entrusted to the Judicial Police in Lille, which has a branch in Creil. fingerprints and DNA Research are ongoing and several CCTV cameras on the site are being used, the prosecutor said Compiegne, Stéphane Hardouin, at a press conference Thursday afternoon . The police are on site as part of scientific expertise. The surrounding municipalities have lent vehicles to ensure public services.

“If the link between the fire and the assault of the guards is not established yet, it is a working hypothesis, given their near-simultaneity” a-t- he adds. Moreover, “the investigation will verify if there is also a link with the fire of another municipal hall, Sunday, April 3, and that of the assistant staff vehicle mayor in charge of municipal buildings, committed April 4 “. In February already, two vehicles belonging to a social emergency, exploded, suggesting a “possible criminal act.”

The Prefect of the Oise, Didier Martin, expressed in a statement his “more consternation “after the incident. “The acts of violence and vandalism” that occurred that night “are not acceptable and must be dealt with the utmost firmness,” said in a statement Édouard Courtial, LR MP and president of the County Council of Oise . “They are the result of an unprecedented weakening of state authority after four years of complacency and benevolence of the Socialist government against offenders,” he said.

According to Michel Foubert, “the geographical position of Compiègne on the axis Paris-Brussels-Amsterdam promotes further economic development of the city in the innovation sector, an underground economy.” For the prosecutor Stéphane Hardouin, “in the context of a very strong action against drug trafficking in Compiegne, it is by no means ruled out that one or more of these actions are a reaction to the policy that destabilizes illicit trade installed long ago. ”


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