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January attacks: the FBI on the trail of Coulibaly accomplice in Syria – The Obs

Who put online, in the wake of January 2015, the video claim of Amedy Coulibaly? A little over a year after the attacks of Charlie Hebdo, and the Hypercacher, investigators are still trying to unravel the network of complicity enjoyed by the terrorists … Amedy Coulibaly was at least in contact with an outsider which is still not identified. When his claim video spread online, the weekend following the massacres, it is indeed already long dead.

According to our information, the investigators of the case were there a few weeks of information from the United States to help them better identify the accomplice of the profile that took care of the distribution of these images. The latter is probably a member of the Islamic state based in Syria

Amedy Coulibaly and Hayat Boumeddiene. Steering carnage

The first investigations start with an IP address (No. ID assigned to a computer), which was used to upload the video claim called “the soldier caliphate” on the website Daily motion January 11 the day after the hostage taking of Hyper hide. This address is owned by an American company based in Dallas, Texas. A letter rogatory is sent to the United States in June. The answer just arrived in France. According to the FBI, that IP address is part of a lot leased by the US company to an entrepreneur established in Cairo (Egypt). It is not known of the intelligence services in Washington …

But the IP address, it is known by the American services. She has already served, says the FBI in January 2015, to publish the video claim of hostage-taking by Daech two Japanese … These two men will be executed soon after. This IP address is directly related to a member of the Islamic State.

The origin of the e-mail address used by the accomplice Coulibaly to enter the on-line video also shows its proximity to the Islamic state. The 10 and 11 January 2015, he used a system called “Mohmal” to obtain an address for a period of forty-five minutes, after which all the connection data disappear. He first posted the video on the website, and Dailymotion, and finally According to the FBI, “Mohmal” system is managed by Fares Soft, a company based in Aleppo, a Syrian town in the heart of the fighting between the army of Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian rebels and state Islamic.

Who is the accomplice? It will be very difficult for justice to know today. The investigation had determined that the Kouachi and Amédy Coulibaly brothers had not only prepared the attacks. The three men were coordinated. They were also helped by several accomplices, whose brothers and Belhoucine Hayat Boumedienne (companion Coulibaly), who had managed to escape to Syria a few days before the attacks. The mysterious accomplice Coulibaly could be one of them …

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