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Ile-de-France: Chantal Jouanno wants an environmental tax for heavy goods vehicles in transit – The World

Chantal Jouanno (left) and Valérie  Pécresse (right), during the campaign for  regional elections in Ile-de-France, 28 October  2015, in Paris.

on the eve of a conference on air in Ile-de-France, Chantal Jouanno, UDI Vice President for ecology said April 10 in the Journal du Dimanche, the new majority in Ile-de-France wanted to create an “environmental tax “ for heavy-weight in transit in the region.

dozens of politicians, experts, associations, etc., will meet Monday and Tuesday for a conference to prepare a plan of Action in the Region, which organizes it. A “inventory” to “the origins of air pollution and its health consequences, induced economic costs” says the former minister. An action plan will then be put to the vote in June

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Among the measures discussed, “most important” by M me Jouanno, is the introduction of an environmental tax for heavy goods vehicles transiting the region . “The Region has no power to set up this single device, a decree will be necessary, but I do not doubt that the government will follow us” , she adds, noting hope of future revenues of € 100 million a year.

Little chance of success

However the government to follow is not at all certain. He ruled in July the use of any form of taxation on regional heavyweights. But without the passage of a law, the region can not grant itself new tax resources

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Despite the improbability of the implementation of such a measure, almost all candidates in regional elections, which Valérie Pécresse (Republicans), also already proposed during the campaign the return of defunct “eco-tax” with the region to reduce pollution in the Ile-de-France and fund transport infrastructure … While already knowing they could hardly wait for government support.

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The new majority also wants to include “revive the regional forest policy”, “set up – with the state – a fund Air-Wood that will help Parisians to change their old wood boilers “ and ” experiment of underground air pollution control devices in the stations’ ad M me Jouanno.


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