Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Labor law: the government receives the young, the UNEF maintains pressure – Release

Youth organizations, whose UNEF, who called to maintain the mobilization against the labor law, demanded Wednesday the government concrete measures to fight against the “precariousness of youth.”

It is “very important that young people remain mobilized,” particularly during the “decisive” demonstration planned for Saturday with the trade unions, told the press William Martinet, president of the UNEF, union student at the forefront of the protest against the labor law.

for “continuing disagreement” on the draft reform of the Labour Code, despite “a framework for dialogue that, hopefully, will make things positive, “said he said after meeting with the Ministers of Education Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, his colleague in charge of youth Patrick Kanner and Myriam El Khomri, the author of the disputed project.

Arriving at the meeting with “against-proposals,” William Martinet believes have been “heard.”

Like other organizations, the UNEF came demanding concrete measures for young people.

The student union and demand “access to stable employment” and ” social rights “. The RSA is not accessible under 25, the UNEF also calls for student scholarships continue to be made between the end of the diploma and access to professional life. The union also wants to increase the number of vocational training places and campaigning to improve conditions of life and work of apprentices.

Received in turn, Alexandre Leroy, President of the General Associations Federation students (Fage), second student organization that does not oppose it, the new version of the labor law, called for “an allowance of a level equivalent to RSA” paid to young graduates to first use.

La Fage has also asked for the next academic year “a gesture on scholarships, including scholarships and a lower level,” no increase “registration fee” and “measures on housing, the rental guarantee for all young people and rent control. ”

Later in the afternoon it was the turn of high school organizations (SGL, UNL and Fidl) to meet with the ministers.

Meanwhile, entered its fifth week the mobilization to demand the withdrawal of the continuous reform

-. Turn off the challenge –

An inter bringing together opposing workers’ organizations in the law (CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires ), students (UNEF) and students (UNL Fidl) to be held Wednesday night to clarify the terms of the new event on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the movement “Night standing” who wants citizen, continues every night Place de la République in Paris and began to spread to several provincial cities.

on the government side, we recall that the bill is already under consideration in committee in the national Assembly. Is it too late to turn the protest or advanced on other issues could they calm the situation?

It is necessary to “provide financial assistance to support young graduates in search of first job “, said the Minister of Education Najat Vallaud-Belkacem at the end of the first meetings, which it deemed” constructive and enjoyable. “

” the issue of precarious young goes beyond the labor law of the framework “must” meet the challenges “of young people” who have “no safety net” between the end of their studies and their first job, she said.

Together with its counterparts of Labour and Youth, the Ministry of Education is committed to working on these proposals to “propose concrete measures” to the Prime Minister, who will soon meet organizations youth.

the question is whether in the context of economic crisis and budgetary restrictions, the state will have sufficient appropriations to finance these measures.



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