Sunday, April 3, 2016

Republic Square, the #NuitDebout dream of a “revolution” – The Express

They do not sleep, it’s the #NuitDebout. They do not all have the same hopes, not the same claims, but the same desire. They call it the “convergence of struggles.” For three nights, hundreds of protesters occupied the Republic Square in the heart of Paris.

At the site, there are tarpaulins stretched between the trees, a scene where one improvises a rap to the microphone, sandwiches prepared by volunteers and slogans that have an air of déjà vu. “I class struggle”, “General Dream”, “disobey unjust laws.” In the wake of the demonstration on Thursday 31 March against the Labor Law, and thanks to the impetus of a group to work for several weeks, activists from diverse backgrounds are already compared to the Spanish Indignados or Occupy Wall Street.

No structure

Here, the militants are rather young, but not all. Some are against the labor law, others denounce “the security excesses”, “police violence”. Others insist the fight for the right to housing.

“Do not defend the place of the Republic, but to defend our place in the Republic,” exclaims Michel Saturday night megaphone. “We must stop wanting to organize a movement, otherwise it stops being a movement.” Applause from the crowd gathered in the rain.

No structure. Tents scattered about the place, no organizers, but the commissions created in haste: action, communication, stewardship etc. “It decentralizes, and we decided to while AG,” said Cassian, 24. “Something is being born,” analyzes Oumar, 18, a multicolored bandanna on his head. “Now I see not what it looks like,” he added.

“I took two pairs of socks, and here”

The indignant at the Puerta del Sol in Madrid, a spontaneous movement emerged in May 2011 Spain to protest the austerity and corruption … the comparison is tempting. “It’s the same mode of action,” admits Anna, 23, a photographer. But for her, this is “much more prosaic and desperate.” “We must restore confidence in their own power to people. It made them believe they were powerless,” she continues.

Mirage of a better society, critics of a system damaged by politicking and an almost systematic reference to the power of “the people” speech recalled the popular movements of the early 2010s Killian 20, a student in broadcasting, has already spent two nights in Republic and wants to believe in “a ‘Occupy’ as in other countries.” black beret, khaki jacket, especially if he waits “the withdrawal of the El Khomri law,” he began to dream of a “revolution”.

Emilie, 32, came from Ardèche specially. “I took one down, two pants, two pairs of socks and here I am!”. “No, it does not come to El Khomri law,” she says rolling a cigarette. “We just denounce a false democracy, to create a real, participative, direct. We must get out of capitalism, there’s more than the dough that has (…), gets angry young woman under the lip piercing, denouncing a “ras-le-bol”.

“exchanges” but no evacuation

Three days Sonia, 19, is there. “I expect to see where movement goes where it is heading. It is too early to say if we are reinventing something. “She hesitated before explaining that yes, it is” young communist “(JC), as Marco, 20, at his side and emphasizes the importance of go “beyond these divisions.” “we are not here as JC, we are here as’ mobilized ‘,’ engaged in the struggle”. But for Marco, “the fight must be built and structure itself “

Early in the morning on Sunday, still present occupants have won a first victory.. prevent their evacuation after two mornings to be dislodged by the CRS a statement posted on the Facebook page NuitDebout says the still present protesters pushed the CRS singing before they filed their equipment … discuss.

on Twitter, the program of the “34 March” on schedule very personal movement, is already announced. in Lille, Lyon or Toulouse, general assemblies and rallies, gathered on a map, are organized in squares or at universities. They are concrete actions arise from these gatherings? Saturday night, already in Paris, a few people came to disturb a debate-evening organized by the Mediapart site The journal crier , on the occasion of the Night of debates. The presence of the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo there was probably no coincidence. The theme of the current discussion: “What else can the policy.” The indignant of the Republic gave the night to think about it.


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