Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Rouen: Joan of Arc celebrations, victims of budget cuts, limited to speech – L’Express

These celebrations, which traditionally mark the anniversary of the death of the heroine at the stake on May 30, 1431, scheduled for Friday 27 and Saturday 28 May, will take place without popular entertainment, and limited to speech or homilies, as they will be delivered by civil or religious figures.

There will be no colorful parades, including the wandering of “ Jeanne ” in which young girls walk in long robes in the streets of the city.

For the sake of saving, given the decline in state grants, we are forced to make choices ” are we told the hotel City. The savings will be around 30,000 euros, are we clear.

The holidays have a religious component and a historic Republican Party. Under the second, they will be chaired this year by Laurent Fabius, President of the Constitutional Council, former member of Saine-Maritime. He will deliver May 28 the traditional homage to the heroine speech in the Abbey Saint-Ouen.

Previously, the religious part the new archbishop of Rouen, Bishop Dominique Lebrun, will be celebrated Mass in memory of the saint, canonized in 1920, in the church Joan of Arc, place du Vieux -Market, where was installed the stake.

The cancellation of the festive part of the celebrations by the socialist municipality falls badly for the city (ex agglomeration, also socialist) of Rouen, who will inaugurate the same day a new panorama (huge mural on 360 ), directed by German artist Yadegar Asisi and representing the city in 1431.

the Panorama and the Historial, place dedicated to the epic of heroin, both open there is more one year, are funded by the city and were designed to revive the historical and tourist interest in Rouen and Jeanne d’Arc, at the initiative of … Laurent Fabius, when he presided over the city.


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