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That can become the standing Night? – The world

AG at 8 & quot; & quot ;, standing  Night April 7, Place de la Republique, Paris.

now armed with a” standing Radio “and a” standing TV “ the motion standing Night takes the place of the Republic in Paris on March 31, following a demonstration against the labor law. places of occupations are also increasing in many cities in France and Brussels. What will be the outcome of this movement and qu’espèrent participants? We asked them

Philip. “Inventing a new form of collective”

Philip, political activist.

Philip sixties, came to the night stand with Laura. Both are not really agree with our questions. “Why should it becoming a party? You really think this is the most interesting? “ For them, the long-simmering Night standing near movement emerged in Spain in 2011 and in Greece in 2013. ” It took time for it to happen here, but now it’s there, for many reasons, first and ras-le-bol after five years Holland “ Philippe analysis. “But I also believe that people could not stand to be confiscated emotion after the attacks, especially the types that do not reassure us. “

Eloise:” I would like it to become really something “

Eloise is a professor of physical chemistry in college. She paces the Republic Square with a sign announcing “Science Standing: ask me questions” . Why this approach? “Because science is for everyone,” she smiled. With this vast hope of reclaiming (space, speech and power) embodied the night standing, Eloise sees no reason why his discipline would “confined in a laboratory” , victim an elitist image. Following the movement? As the number of participants, she prefers to let go, but hope at least something, “not like in Spain” , where the Indignados movement in 2011 led to the creation of a political party , Podemos

Bertrand. “Maybe it will not work”

Bertrand set in a notebook ideas for a &  quot; new & quot ;. constitution

Bertrand, long hair in a bun, did not give his real name. Sitting before a sign “constituent assembly” it formed a circle with several participants whose notes ideas in a notebook. “We train to write the constitution, just to realize that we can do it ourselves” , he said. “But maybe it will not work. “ Night stand, so especially opening a space for dialogue, a breath. “People exchange, we try to imagine how we could better circulate power in society, and guarantee in the constitution. “ The theme of the moment: ” Place and division of labor “

Abdel.” A central place to spread a militant practice “

Abdel, a political activist.

Abdel, the AG, it does not interest too. For him, the night stand is a starting point, a meeting place “to go do actions.” The movement therefore has a strategic interest because it brings together all the malcontents. Then, “I have little hope that this will succeed, because all this can easily be recovered” , he says.

Camille Camille: “a speech liberation”

Camille, trade unionist, and Camille,  supervisor in a school.

Like many, these young people do not give their name. Instead, they launched laughing “Camille! “. generic nickname also give opponents of the airport of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, because everyone can be called Camille, girls and boys. Camille feminine found a bit fruitless AG, this palaver that last for hours and bother no one. But the “ space ” is taken, and this may be the start of something great.

“The place can become a rallying point for do practical things, “ she says. Like what ? “Extend the student movement” that has formed against the labor law. “The piss, really, instead of sitting there, arguing among us. “ Camille masculine nothing against the AG, who is syndicated SOUTH Education and usually militant meetings. “It is not inconsistent, it can also lead to concrete” , he said. “This is already a speech liberation.”

Hicham: “I want to be resolutely optimistic”

Hicham employee in advertising.

Hicham works in advertising. He took a week off to come to Republic Square when he sees fit, to support the movement. “We no longer hoped it would happen in France, and then with the El Khomri law is party” , he enthuses. “I want to be decidedly optimistic. The movement began to be relayed, standing Nights are created elsewhere in France and abroad. There are chances that one is taken seriously. “

Emmanuelle, Marie, Greg, Chloe and Jules:” Show them that we are not only wankers “

From left to right: Marie, Greg, Chloe,  Emmanuelle, students, and Jules, videographer.

a small group sharing a bottle of white wine leaning against the base of Marianne, to the unlit candles memorial attacks in January then in November 2015. the roles are reversed for a few seconds: “What’s the Night standing in one sentence for you? “ asked Chloe. They record the responses from passers in a small notebook.

All are students, except Jules, videographer on Youtube. Emmanuelle studied the Revolution being history, literary prep. “I think we have a militant pride in France. We have been taught since childhood that was resistant, the complainers, the sixty-huitards. If we were not proud of it, we would not be out today. “ Marie is a little dubious: ” I rather think our moaners reputation is that policies will never listen to us. Nothing changes, then we continue to moan. “

All agree that the political system is broken. “It does not mean anything” Jules starts. “The guys elect themselves! The abstention is so high. “ Chloé, a student in nursing school, went further: ” The people who represent us are not aware of what one is. It too has advanced rapidly over them. “ What should be the standing Night? Jules thinks that “This is a victory to be there. “ But that will not be enough for Mary, who hopes a real political change, and above all, a change of outlook on youth: ” I hope that the move will have a national impact, that we can show them we’re not just sitting up wankers of the Republic. “

Metro mouth at the center of the square of  the Republic.


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